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Printable FAQ for Parents
Is my child the right age for Kumon?

The Kumon Method was created to help children of all ages and academic levels. The curriculum begins with preschool level material and extends to high school calculus and reading comprehension.

Is Kumon an “enrichment” or a “remedial” program?

The Kumon Program can be tailored for students who need a new level of challenge and for students who need help catching up. Our ultimate goal is for all students to study above their grade level.

How does Kumon differ from tutoring?

Unlike tutoring, a short-term solution, Kumon’s self-learning technique allows students to absorb the information on their own. Kumon students develop the skills and study habits needed to improve their ongoing academic performance.

How often will my child do Kumon assignments?

Your child will be given Kumon assignments to complete every day. Most students complete assignments at the Center twice a week, and at home the remainder of the week.

Does Kumon offer preparation for standardized tests?

Kumon students are some of the best-prepared for major standardized exams like the SAT. With Kumon’s timed assignments, your children will quickly become accustomed to working under test-taking conditions, and developing key time-management and problem-solving skills.

How can I get more information?

Find a local Kumon Center near you to schedule a parent orientation. For additional information call 800.ABC.MATH (800-222-6284).