About Kumon

Kumon Method

Learning How to Learn

Kumon is an academic program like no other. Instead of passively receiving instruction from teachers or tutors, Kumon Students actively develop self-learning skills. Here’s how.

  • Each student progresses at his or her own pace through an individualized program of worksheets carefully planned by the Instructor.
  • Students do daily assignments that take about 30 minutes per subject— in two sessions a week at the Kumon Center, and the other five at home.
  • Step by logical step, students steadily build a solid grasp of math and reading, and become more confident and motivated with each worksheet solved.

The Kumon Worksheets

The Kumon Worksheets are the key to the Kumon Method, and to your child’s success.

  • They cover everything from counting to calculus, from phonics to Shakespeare. Carefully designed and relentlessly fine-tuned, they’ve been effective for millions of students.
  • The worksheets provide examples of how to solve each problem, enabling students to self-learn new concepts on their own.
  • Each worksheet teaches a lesson that’s one small step more advanced than the lesson before, so the student is less likely to hit a wall and become discouraged.

An assignment is complete when a student has done every problem correctly. When that happens, the student “owns” that knowledge, and is ready for the next assignment.