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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Thanks to the following parents who have given us permission to post their comments about our center

"The staff is very caring and shows how much they want children to succeed.  They will tell you exactly what they need from each student and parents to make it work.  Very relaxed atmosphere, easy to talk to instructors.  Very honest people.  Thank you for helping Megan this past year.  I no longer worry over her future with math."

- Mrs.  Nathalie J.

"Very much, I think this is a neat program and great service.  My son started at Kumon of Issaquah-Gilman only 2, 3 weeks back, but I've already seen improvement.  Going to this center is really worth the money.  Thanks to all staff of Kumon of Issaquah-Gilman.  I've already recommended this center to many friends. "

- Mrs.  Linh Hang N.

"The instructors are smart and dedicated toward the progress of the students and individual basis, very focused.  5 stars!!!"

- Mr.  Dhawal B.

"Awesome instructors and staff!  They are really good at what they do and believe in the children they work with.  You can tell by observing their care for the children & their desire to help them be successful."

- Ms.  Marjon H.

"Excellent staff. Co-operative, understanding and has always adjusted as per my needs.  They have been very patient with my child.  Tried everything to increase her concentration.  Love Di & Tuan.  I have seen my child grow through the Reading & Math Program.  It definitely is good.  The staff is excellent & always so helpful and understanding.  I'm fully satisfied.  My first experience at Kumon & it is the BEST!"

- Mrs. Veena P.

"The staff goes above and beyond our expectations, exceptional quality service and always with a smile. Ya'll are doing a phenomenal job!!  We are extremely satisfied and happy."

-Mrs. Judy Lynn R.

"The staff at Kumon of Issaquah-Gilman are great, helpful, kind, and caring!! They teach independence in a positive way, with compassion and caring.  I wish all of my children's teachers were this amazing."

- Mrs. Lisa B.

"The structure, the environment, the staff make the perfect setting for my child to succeed in math. After each session, he feels confident and proud of himself for his achievement at Kumon."

- Mrs. Valerie K.

"Delighted with staff and their accommodation to my child's needs, very impressed with the program's ability to accommodate a child's needs,  impressed with the staff fairness and honesty."

- Mr. and Mrs. Ankur P.

"Very knowledgeable, patient with kids of younger age, they highly encourage kids.  Has a great library & a great class atmosphere which is ideal for younger kids to focus on their work."

- Mr. Ravishankar D.

"Staff is efficient, friendly, talented, and co-operative.  It helps to improve a child's thinking capacity, finding solutions quickly, interest towards learning."

- Mr. & Mrs. Sai J.

"One on one, patience, dedication to get the child through curriculum at their own pace but with slight push, Charlie's testing shows Kumon is helping."

- Ms. Rebecca T.

"Great instructors and staff. They are dedicated and do care about the children they worked with."

- Mrs. Doan P.

"I like the way students are taught to focus and get rewarded for work done.  The 'congratulations' and support at passing unit tests are also wonderful.  The Kumon $ incentive is also great."

- Mrs. Lisa Bl.

"The instructors all care about the success of our kids.  We like that our girls are learning and are at the top of their class."

- Mrs. Jennifer H.

"They (the staff at Kumon of Issaquah-Gilman) inform parents of the student's progress.  They are dedicated and attentive to the students' needs."

- Mr. T.  Hoang

"Individual attention, pace as per student caliber, one on one updates to parents by staff is what I like.  Keep up the good work."

- Ms. Harneet S.

"The staff were approachable and very truthful about how your child/children were doing. Gives positive feedback if your child accomplished their work/assignment. Kumon gives students a sense of responsibility for themselves not only for Kumon assignments but also for their school assignment."

- Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie & Preciosa A."

"The staff at Kumon of Issaquah-Gilman is very friendly, helpful.  The 1-on-1 time my daughter gets, also the great level of service, flexibility in adjusting schedule.  Good collection of books."

- Mr. Krishna V.