Preparing Early Learners for Preschool and Beyond

The Kumon Method Provides an Individualized Approach to Learning

Teaneck, N.J. (January 28, 2015) – Throughout the country, children as young as three years old are experiencing the joy of “aha!” moments and an “I can do it!” spirit as they develop their abilities in Kumon, the world’s largest after-school math and reading program. From counting pictures and repeating words to practicing pencil skills and more, thousands of early learners enrolled in Kumon are developing a love of learning and a solid academic foundation. The early levels of the Kumon Program now provide even greater flexibility with the practice of pencil skills, depending on each child’s specific need.


Kumon in the News

  • “These results translated into a self-esteem boost that I didn’t anticipate,” Ms. Goldman said.

  • Teachers are recommending students who can benefit from Kumon’s instruction and, with parent involvement, are making the enrichment center an official partner in the learning process.

  • “The idea is not for Kumon students to be ‘tutored’ per se but to ‘self-propel’ through the material,” says center director Naomi Sazuki…

  • Even if your child prefers roving work stations to a dedicated desk, identify appropriate study spots and make sure she has all necessary supplies. “Try to pick the quietest areas in your home that will have as few distractions as possible,” advises Rima Muth from the national math and reading enrichment program Kumon.



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