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You – Your Child’s No. 1 Teacher

Education does not begin and end when the child passes through the classroom door. Healthy study habits are formed and reinforced at home with parents at the helm. An active and engaged parent is a teacher’s greatest ally for student development. As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, in addition to celebrating educators, we also want […]

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Grab Their Attention: How to Help Kids Get Focused and Stay Focused

Kids are doing a lot of multi-tasking these days — from surfing the Web to texting, instant messaging and listening to their iPods® — constant distractions compete for their attention. With so many potential interruptions, it can be difficult for children to stop, shut out the noise and truly focus on the task at hand […]

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Moving Children to Learn

Does your child love to rock out to music or enjoy a competitive game of kickball with the neighborhood children? Getting and keeping children moving has more than just physical benefits, it also stimulates children’s most vital organs … their brains. Like adults, children need regular exercise. Experts recommend children get at least an hour […]

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Helping Your Children Make the Grade

It’s crunch time. The end of the school year is near, and the time to make changes to impact your children’s end-of-the-term grades is now. As the next set of grades rolls in, how parents respond to their children’s grades is just as important as the children’s response. Open communication about grades and a well-thought-out […]

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kumon x DressLands Store Premium Scuba Bandeau Midi Dress With Peplum

This kumon x dresslands online shopping sites nice dress is a scuba style dress with bandeau construction and a midi dress appearance. It also has peplum waist and a very sassy bandeau design. The material is silky thanks to a scuba smooth fabric. There is partial lining inside and the dress feels wonderful, with a […]

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