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About the Instructor



Usha Jotwani is the certified Kumon instructor and owns the Kumon of Austin - Circle C., which distinguishes itself by bringing two qualified instructors, with over a decade of collective experience.

As a mentor, I take great pride and joy in seeing my students become more disciplined while simultaneously developing a great work ethic and mastering new concepts. I establish a relationship with each child to ensure that they capitalize on this enlightening educational experience. With this, I strive to guide my students through their educational endeavors and provide them with direction, support, and encouragement. Every day, I witness the Kumon program positively impacting myriad children’s lives, and observe them gain more self-confidence and trust in their academic abilities.

I can’t do all this great work by myself. I have excellent staff to help me work with your children at every age and grade level—my assistants love working with children and are University students pursuing degrees in Math, Science, English and Education. They are well trained and work to support your child’s specific needs.

It’s great to help students achieve their full academic potential. Thus, I am committed to creating a positive learning experience and we are excited and privileged to help your child achieve success.

Biography and Background

Instructor Background

• I received a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Texas State University and a Masters Degree in Organic Chemistry from Lucknow University, India.
• I worked as an Accountant and a Marketing specialist for 15 years prior to becoming a Kumon Instructor.
• I have been married for 25 years and have two children.  Both my children are program completers.  My daughter graduated from Yale University, studying Biophysics and Molecular Biology.  My son is a senior studying Finance and Economics as part of the Business Honors Program at the University of Texas.
• I have been a Volunteer Reading Mentor through Austin's ISD's "Partner in Education" Program for many years at several elementary schools.