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Center Resources


pdf Early Learner Audio books
You may use the link in the attachment to download Audio books for your child
pdf Kumon Recommended Reading List
Have your child read atleast one book per week from their current level and write a book report either by the chapter or book. This will help your child improve on their writing skills.
pdf Pencil skills
Level Z - to develop childs' motor skill
pdf pursuit of potential through 30 min study
pdf Common Core Facts
Common Core Facts/Comparison
pdf Common Core State Standards
Information about Common core
pdf improve performance on standardized testing
pdf proficiency-computation-thinkingskill
pdf Media Release Form
pdf January 2013 Newsletter
pdf February 2013 Newsletter
Newsletter, interesting articles.
pdf May 2013 Newsletter
pdf April 2013 Newsletter
pdf March 2013 Newsletter
pdf Families and Schools in the Community
pdf December 2012 Newsletter
December Newsletter
pdf Feb2014 Newsletter
Feb2014 Newsletter
pdf 2014March Newsletter
2014 March Newsletter
pdf 2014 January Newsletter
January 2014 Newsletter
pdf April Newsletter 2014
April 2014 Newsletter
pdf May 2014 Newsletter
May 2014 Newsletter
pdf June 2014 Newsletter
June 2014 Newsletter
pdf July 2014 Newsletter
Interesting articles..
pdf August 2014 Newsletter
Back to School tips
pdf September 2014 Newsletter
September Newsletter
pdf ASHR article
Preserving to reach Advanced honor roll
pdf November Newsletter 2014
November Newsletter 2014
pdf December 2014 Newsletter
December 2014 NEwsletter
pdf Jan2015 Newsletter
pdf October 2014 Newsletter
October 2014 Newsletter
pdf Feb 2015 Newsletter
Feb 2015 Newsletter
pdf March 2015 Newsletter
March 2015 Newsletter
pdf April Newsletter 2015
April 2015 Newsletter
pdf June 2015 Newsletter
June 2015 Newsletter
pdf June 2015 Newsletter
June 2015 Newsletter
pdf July 2015 Newsletter
July 2015 Newsletter
pdf August 2015 Newsletter
August 2015 Newsletter
pdf september 2015 newsletter
september 2015 newsletter
pdf May 2015 Newsletter
May 2015 Newsletter
pdf October 2015 Newsletter
October 2015 Newsletter
pdf November Newsletter 2015
November 2015 Newsletter
pdf January 2016 Newsletter
January 2016 Newsletter
pdf Feb 2016 Newsletter
Feb 2016 Newsletter
pdf March 2016 Newsletter
March 2016 Newsletter
pdf Center Policy
Center Policy
pdf Simple Tips to promote learning at Home
Tips to promote learning at home.
pdf Advancing Toward Success
pdf Tips to work with Early Learners
English EL Tips
pdf Home Grading Brochure
How to effectively provide feedback to your children at home
pdf Avoid Summer Slide
Why reviewing, studying for 30 minutes everyday during summer is important to avoid summer slide.
pdf Learning Without Limits
Should we have any limitation to learn?
pdf Neuroplasticity Article


pdf Framingham Center policy
Center Policy
pdf Enrollment Questionnaire
pdf Straight Talk Form
Kumon Newsletter student profile form
pdf Tuition Subsidy Form
Tuition Subsidy form
pdf Home Grading
pdf Covid Release Form
Please review and sign the Covid Safety release form.