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3:30pm - 7:00pm
3:30pm - 7:00pm

About theInstructor


Director, Latha Narayanan

Latha Narayanan is the Kumon Instructor at the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Franklin. Latha has been trained and certified through a comprehensive system, which ensures that she offers the best Kumon instruction to each student. Homework and classwork are carefully assessed for speed and accuracy to maintain the right level of challenge and to ensure that mastery is attained as each new skill is introduced.

Latha has helped many of her students increase self-confidence and become more self-reliant. 
She and her staff work closely with each student and his or her family to create the best study plan possible for the student, whether the need is for remedial help or for advanced study.

Latha has been a Kumon Instructor since 2003 and has guided over 75 students to program completion, that is through Calculus in the Math Program and Critical Reading and Writing in the Reading Program. Many of her students are attending reputed universities such as Duke, Georgia Tech, Cal Tech, Berkeley, Umass Amherst, Princeton, Stanford, etc.

Biography and Background

My name is Latha Narayanan, an extensively trained and certified professional instructor. I hold a Master's degree in Mathematics and a Diploma in Computer Applications.

I started the Kumon center in Framingham in July of 2003 and later opened the Franklin location in January of 2011. Prior to opening a Kumon Center I have worked as a recruiter in the IT industry and Retail industry. I have also worked part time in Human Resources.

In 2003, my children were in Pre-School and I tried to teach them basic concepts of Math and Reading. Soon enough I noticed that they were unlearning what they learned. While discussing this with friends and family, I learned that children of that age do unlearn as fast as they learn if they do not review. This is when I came across a Kumon Learning center and their philosophy. My father always wanted me to be a teacher, growing up he noticed me teaching younger children and my peers and saw the potential in me. He always told me that the best gift one can give another is the Gift of Education. As we all know Knowledge is Power. Till date his words ring in my ears.

My aim is not only to instruct children in Math and Reading but also serve as a mentor who will guide your child(ren) through the program by providing study skills, direction, support and encouragement. I individualize their lessons by making sure they are at the just right level in terms of concepts and workload.

By creating an at-home study plan in addition to monitoring classroom assignments, I emphasize the importance of completing each assignment within a designated time frame. This helps students increase self-confidence and become more self-reliant. I have a true passion and an earnest desire to help children succeed not just in Math and Reading but also life skills.

I along with my trained staff are committed to working closely with each student and his or her family to create the best study plan for the student, whether the need is for Remedial help or for Advanced study. We are like three vertices of a triangle. So let us form a three way partnership (Instructor, Parents, Student).