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About the Instructor


A word from the Center Director - Mr.Getz

What sets our center apart is that I am a second generation Kumon Instructor. My mother was Kumon of Granger's first Center Instructor and I was her first student in the 1990s.

I completed the Kumon Reading Program early in middle school, but did not have the discipline and support structure necessary to finish the final levels of the math program - as a result, it is very important for me that students who have the capability to reach program completion are strongly encouraged to do so.

As an Instructor and former student, I can offer insight and perspective that can only come from being on both sides of the equation. I know the struggles that students can have from the first-hand experience, and recognize that doing Kumon work is not always fun - but I also know how important it is to a student for adults to acknowledge that. 

"We don't do work because it's fun - We work hard because it makes us better."

In any field of expertise, whether it is musical performance or athletic competition, there is always a certain amount of enjoyment, but there is significantly more time spent with disciplined training than performance. 

Kumon is to math & reading what practicing musical scales is to a musician, or running sprints is to soccer or basketball players. Kumon is the training that allows students to reach their full potential. 

At times, it will be tough, and at times, students & parents will want to throw in the towel and just give up - but it is the families that work with us to overcome these hurdles who experience the full success that Kumon has to offer. 

Like all things worth doing, competing the Kumon curriculum is a challenge - but the ability to persevere through a challenge is perhaps the most important skill that our students learn at our center.