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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Josie’s Story


Josie is 10-years-old, studying three years above her grade level in the Kumon Program. In fact, she’s studying the same math material that her mom, who is an eighth grade teacher, teaches her students. Imagine that, a 10-year-old transforming equations, working with linear functions and simplifying monomials and polynomials. She’s well on her way to advanced algebraic expressions and she isn’t even in middle school yet.

One of the things that Josie likes most about Kumon is the fact that she’s studying above her grade level.

“Kumon gives me confidence because I know how strong of a student it has made me,” says Josie. “I know that I can do and learn anything if I do the work and practice daily. Kumon has taught me about the importance of focusing and to not be afraid of challenges, but to enjoy them and work through them because I know I can overcome anything.”

Josie embodies everything that Toru Kumon had in mind when he founded the Kumon Method. He felt that students would experience the true benefits of the Kumon Method if they acquired the study habits necessary for self-learning and advanced study.

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Tanvi's Story at Kumon of Johns Creek- North

Tanvi Thalluru

"Hi, my name is Tanvi. 

Kumon has helped me reach so many of my academic goals. When I was in 3rd grade, I could tell my multiplication tables up to 10. As a 5th grader, I am now studying in Level H algebra of the Kumon Math Program and solving for variables in linear equations.

If I hadn't gone to Kumon, I would still be doing basic math and would never know what I was fully capable of. Kumon has pushed me to be my best self. I am learning how to break down complex problems and using many different strategies to solve for unknown variables. I find that the tools I learned at Kumon is helping me in other activities I do, too. Now everyone in my class asks for my help! It feels good to be able to help others. 

Thank you, Kumon, for helping me achieve my goals!"

Harshitha's Story at Kumon of Johns Creek- North

Harshitha Rajaprabhu

"My name is Harshitha R. and I am in the 8th grade doing level O in Kumon. Kumon has impacted my life in a positive way by allowing me to appreciate every success and work harder towards my goals. Every time I learned a new concept in Kumon, I felt proud of myself. These little successes made me feel more motivated to continue persevering through the Kumon program and through other obstacles in general. At times when I feel like giving up, I remember how far I’ve come and how I kept going despite certain difficulties. Because Kumon is based on independent learning, I have learned to find the answers to a problem by myself and be more confident in doing so. I credit Kumon for giving me the confidence to become more independent in other areas of my life as well. Thanks to Kumon teaching me how to work hard and never give up my dreams, I have come very far in school, band, science olympiad, and more."

Alaina's Story at Kumon of Johns Creek- North

Alaina Bhargava

"Hello. My name is Alaina. I have been a student at Kumon of Johns Creek-North for many years. My experience has been amazing. Before I started Kumon, I was average at math. After going through the levels in Kumon, my friends now call me a human calculator!

Many people now come to me for help with math, and that makes me feel really good. The staff at Kumon are really kind, understanding, and have an awesome attitude towards learning! Overall, I love my journey here at Kumon and can confidently say that school is easier for me. I would definitely recommend others to join!"

Skylar's Story at Kumon of Johns Creek- North

Skylar's Success Story

"I graduated from the Kumon Reading Program in the summer of 2020. Keeping up with Kumon throughout the pandemic allowed me to stay sharp and prevented any delay for my college admissions exams. My college planning projections were well thought out and obtainable because of the self-learning and discipline skills the Kumon Program instilled in me. I will carry the principles I learned in Kumon with me throughout my college and adult life!"

Vishal's Story at Kumon of Johns Creek- North

Vishal's Success Story

"Hello, my name is Vishal. As a rising junior, my experience at Kumon has been invaluable to my education. Ever since I started Kumon in kindergarten, I have felt that I have gained a more concrete and better understanding of both mathematics and reading. On top of this, Kumon helped me manage my time, increase my productivity, improve my problem-solving skills, and gain accuracy when solving math problems. 

When I moved here from North Carolina, I was immediately struck by the level of involvement and the helpfulness of the instructors. They encouraged me every step of the way, and they pushed me to broaden my capacity for learning. My time at the center was fruitful, and I learned concepts that were well above my grade level. The things I learned are crucial to my school education, from basic mathematics and reading, to extracurricular activities such as FBLA and band. 

My independence while doing my work through Kumon enabled me to manage and allocate my time efficiently, while also improving my problem-solving skills. When I was in Kumon, I learned to segment my time to finish my work effectively and in a timely manner. I also learned to think analytically, which allowed me to approach problems in a systematic manner. Using these, I am able to juggle and succeed in a variety of activities, especially in programming and in tennis."