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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


7th Grade Twin Sisters Complete Reading Program


Sister's Sanya & Simar started the Kumon reading program when they were 5 years old. The two sisters have now completed the reading program after being with our program for 6 years. The reading program motivated the girls to develop a love for reading and learn to analyze complex texts like Shakespeare and other classics.  

Students excel in Kumon the longer they stay!

Award Students

Kumon is a unique after school program. We take in children as young as 3 years of age and continue to assist each student academically all the way up to high school. Our center has seen children progress each year they remain in the program in both their math and reading skills. Students are recognized for their hard work and achievements. We have annual award ceremonies at the end of each year to take notice of all of those pupils that have excelled in Kumon. Our goal is to get each student to become an independent thinker and to be able to take on tasks and critically think for themselves. During the years I've been open, I've had the pleasant opportunity to see several students complete the program. It has been a true honor to see my students grow and do well in their education knowing that Kumon has made a tremendous impact on their lives.