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About the Instructor


My name is Amy Vickers, and I am the owner and instructor at The Kumon Math and Reading Center of Layton. I have been working for Kumon since 2014, and I am really excited to help your child become smarter. I have an extensive math background and a deep love of reading. I have worked in the tutoring and education industry since graduating from high school and one of my favorite things is to see students fall in love with learning. I believe in Kumon and enjoy seeing how students become independent learners. Let’s unlock your child’s potential together through the Kumon curriculum!

 Meet our Center Assistants...

 Ashton M.

 Hi! I'm Ashton and I am a NUAMES Sophomore. I love to spend time playing soccer and performing alongside my bass in the orchestra. A few classes I am taking now are Math Secondary III, Honors English, Honors Biology, and Design Engineering Technology.

Emma H.

I'm Emma. I love volunteering at Petsmart and riding horses! In my spare time, I write on my blog! I love learning and I go to Northridge High School! A couple of classes I am taking now are French CE and Honors English.

Grace M.

My name is Grace and I am currently a Junior in high school. I was a Nanny for 2 years before coming to work at Kumon. I love animals of all kinds and hope to become a teacher so I can work with and help kids full time.

Peyton W.

 Hi, I'm Peyton. I go to Weber State University and I am studying Geography and Geology. My future career goal is to work for the Environmental Protection Agency to help regulate the community and help further protective efforts for the environment. I love reading novels that have a historical significance and I enjoy exploring new areas for recreational activities.

 Riyan S.

 My name is Riyan and I am currently a student at Weber State University. Right now, I am working towards getting a degree in teaching English! I'm very excited about the opportunity to work at Kumon. I have a dog and a one-eyed cat. Some of my hobbies are drawing and playing video games. I look forward to working with students and seeing them grow!