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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Leo Crane Honor Student - Dual Silver Medal recipient

Leo Crane

Hi I am Leo, I asked to start Kumon because I wanted to tackle harder math that was more fun!  School does a slow job of teaching me, and I did not feel like I was getting smarter.  I feel proud when I do Kumon because I am working hard and achieving my goals.  

The worksheets are just right because each week the worksheets teaches you a little bit more of knowledge.  I finally have gotten to multiplying bigger numbers, which was what I really wanted to do.  Now I am two years above my grade level in Math and above grade level in Reading.  I want to keep going!  

Liam B's Story - Achieving Level C by 1st Grade


Liam began Kumon Reading and Math two weeks before the shutdown in March 2020. He had just turned four and was showing early signs of reading and really liked counting and numbers. Getting into a routine with loads of uncertainty in our day to day lives was not easy but we stuck with it and are SO glad we did. Without consistent pre-school to rely on, Kumon provided Liam just enough work to focus on each day to keep his mind engaged and developing. He quickly began adding and subtracting in his head (sometimes faster than I can!). Reading took time but once his confidence and stamina were built, there was no stopping him. He reads and writes everything and everywhere. One of his new favorite activities for fun is writing letters to his family and friends and mailing them each week. His Pre-K teachers are amazed by his "above grade level" achievements and often have him help other students in their classroom with reading and math assignments. We are very grateful to the Madison Kumon team for working with Liam and nurturing his bright and curious mind. 

Liam's Mom

Update: As of August 2023, Liam has achieved the C by 1 award as a result of his studies. This means that he has begun studying 3rd grade material before completing 1st grade.

Yang Family Trio


Meet the Yang Family Trio currently enrolled at the Kumon of Madison! Alice completed Level J Math and continues with math at Kumon, while on the honor roll with a gold medal, 2+ years above her grade level and sporting her black Kumon bag. Alex completed Level G and is also a gold medalist, 2+ years above his grade level and sporting his yellow Kumon bag. Little sister Olivia joined Kumon recently and we are sure she will make the Advanced Student Honor Roll list in a few short months! 

From Mom: Kumon has helped my kids maintain higher standards in math, build their confidence, and maintain good habits of finishing homework daily. The teachers really care about my kids' process. I can rest assured that if we stay in Kumon my kids will not struggle with math in school, but be well above their grade level and top of their classes!

Fiona D - Achieving Level C by 1st Grade


Fiona is a role mode student and awarded this award for her hard work from the moment she enters the center, consistently pursuing Academic Excellence!  She bedazzles us with her beautiful smile, great positive attitude, not afraid to ask for help and make mistakes to learn from them.  

Here are some words from Fiona after her achievement: 

Hi. My Name is Fiona and I am 7 years old. I have been doing Kumon for 2.5 years. I like Kumon because it makes you smarter. Your children should sign up for Kumon classes too!  I recently achieved C by 1 which means I am now doing 3rd grade work as a 1st grader.  My parents are so proud!

Damon & Erin Love Kumon of Madison, NJ

Damon and Erin

My name is Damon and I started Kumon when I was 3 years old and in preschool. Kumon helped me learn mental math and reading, and helped develop my interest in reading books by myself. My preschool teacher was surprised when I knew how to pronounce Paleontologist when we were learning about dinosaurs. I am currently 2 years above in math and reading as a 1st grader. Let me introduce my younger sister Erin, who also started Kumon when she was 3 years old!

Hi, I am Erin and four years old. I have been attending Kumon with my brother as far back as I can remember. I like Kumon because they helped me learn how to read, starting with alphabet and blending of alphabets to form words. I am now able to read my favorite books like Pinkalicious and Arthur by myself. I have recently started to add and it is a lot of fun. I do not need to use my fingers to solve math problems anymore as I have learned to mentally add. I also love the rewards and prizes we receive at Kumon.

Leilani's Story


Meet Leilani O., is one of our youngest students at Kumon of Madison. After one year, she continues to study above her grade level in both Math and Reading! Leilani is also an honor roll student! She is able to work independently on her assignments! We are so proud of you!

Matt Bragoli Success Story

Matt Bragoli

My name is Matthew and I am 8 years old. I have been going to Kumon of Madison for two years. When my mom and dad signed me up for reading and math at Kumon, I couldn’t read at my grade level but was pretty good at math. At first, I was scared because I did not know any of the instructors or if the work would be too hard, especially reading. By completing my daily worksheets, my reading and math got better. I even started to like reading and math, a little. I like attending in class session at Madison to complete my worksheets because I get to work by myself, without my dad bothering me to do my Kumon. The instructors and staff are nice, funny and help me with any questions I have. I also receive Kumon medals and prizes for passing achievement tests. I am now well above grade level in math and reading.

Zoe Loves Kumon of Madison


When I first started Kumon I was a little shy and scared, because Kumon was new to me.  Now, I'm happy to be part of Kumon of Madison!  I like to raise my hand, participate and learn.  The teachers that help me are very kind, caring and respectful.  Kumon helps me with my Math and Reading work.  I love Kumon!

Sofia's Story

Sofia Miluzzo

My name is Sofia M and I am 7 years old. I joined Kumon in Madison, NJ, when I was 5. I felt very welcomed by all the teachers, people who grade your work, Ms. Wai, Mr. Kit, and everyone! When I moved to the independent section, I felt really independent. I started with counting apples, moved on to additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions, long divisions, super long divisions, and here I am now! Beginning fractions at 7 years old, 3 levels above my grade level. I learned that 10 minutes a day doesn’t take out much of your day and 10 minutes a day brings you a long way. Kumon is a great and enormous advantage for me at school.

May 2022 Student of the Month - Zoe G

Zoe G Patriot

Zoe G was awarded the title for her great attitude toward academic excellence, not afraid to challenge herself, make mistakes and learn through her corrections.  She is a role model student and we look forward to each day Zoe walks thru the door!

Diara's Journey at Morristown & Madison


My name is Diara. I have been a Kumon student since 2018, and ever since then, there has been a drastic improvement in my grades and education! 

During fourth grade, I struggled in math and reading, and I lacked motivation. However, when introduced to Mr. Nic, Mr. Kit, and their teaching techniques, that all changed! Not only did my grades improve, but I also gained motivation by receiving praises and support. I went from being an average B student in fourth grade to honors in fifth. My math and english courses remain at least a year ahead of my current classes. The consistency from Kumon has helped in other areas of Science and Languages. I am now an 8th grader with high honors in all subjects, all within a few years of attending Kumon Math and Reading Center of Morristown and Madison. In the end, I have found what I needed to excel in school at Kumon of Morristown and Madison. Many thanks to all the staff for helping me thrive at Kumon of Morristown and Madison. ~Diara

Melinda's Success Story


I enrolled my daughter Melinda when she was in 2nd grade. Melinda was a little behind in both math and reading. She could not concentrate while completing homework. After several months at Kumon of Madison, I noticed Melinda made great progress in both math and reading, especially in math. Most importantly, Kumon helped her improve her focus, time management, and built self-discipline. Now Melinda is in 4th grade and has reached level G in math, 3 levels above her grade, and level E in Reading, which is also well above her grade level. We are so proud of her.

Not even a snowstorm could stop Melinda from picking up her G by 4 award and medal.
-Melinda’s Mom and Dad

Sabrina's Journey

Sabrina Culan

When I first arrived at Kumon for enrichment 3 years ago, I was very nervous.  My parents enrolled me in Math and Reading.  I enjoyed the time at the center learning new concepts.  The math and reading work was challenging at first.  Once I learned new concepts at each level, I started to look forward each week and the new concepts I would learn.  A few months later, I started leveling up in math and reading.  Step by step, I started to grasp the concepts in both subjects, did better in school, which made me so happy!

This Summer of 2021, I made the Kumon of Madison Honor Roll for Math and am so elated!  I am working hard and hope to make the Honor Roll for Reading in a few short months.

Kumon has helped me a lot academically!

Natalia's Story


I started out in school, afraid to tell the teachers that I didn’t understand what they were teaching in Math class. Until one day, in fourth grade, when I had a Math test and my score was a 52. I got home and I told my parents to get me help with Math. My mom did some research and decided to enroll me in Kumon of Madison. At Kumon, I took a test to see determine my starting point and I have been going to the center twice a week ever since. 

All the instructors at the center are very nice and supportive. Now I have built myself up to a very good place and I am doing very well in Math. My Math scores in 5th grade have all been As - something I never thought possible. I now confidently ask questions at school, when I do not understand something. I am now confident and NOT afraid anymore. Thank you Kumon of Madison for giving me the skills to succeed in school!

Cole & Calvin think Kumon is Fun!

Fraser Boys

Cole F

The teachers have made me improve so much since I have started. Kumon is a fun place to go. You should try it and tell your friends too! If you are having a hard time in school, Kumon is a great spot to start. If you start it, you would really like the teachers because they are really nice. Kumon is also fun because you can get prizes from your earned stickers and a map where they go on.

Calvin F

Kumon is probably the best way to learn. I am ahead of my class in math so I am able to ace my work.  I am learning long division a Kumon and it is pushing me to do so. Math and reading are fun even though it may be hard sometimes. In class, I still do good in reading so I think at Kumon is the best place to go and learn.

Helena's Story

Helenia May 2022

My name is Helena and I joined Kumon of Madison in second grade, when I could not sit still or focus during class. Kumon has helped my attention span and my ability to focus on long tasks. Kumon of Madison has also helped me excel in Mathematics due to its amazing program. 

Since joining Kumon of Madison, I have reached Platinum Status in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, as well as achieving the G by 4th grade and recently J by 6th grade award. 

Although I only attend Math classes at Kumon, it has helped me excel in all my subjects in schools due to life skills I have learnt at Kumon, such as focus, time management, mental math, test taking skills and more. I can now focus for long periods of time on a subject and do my work faster than before in all that I touch. Due to Kumon, I am going to 7th grade, taking Algebra 1. I am so excited!