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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Arjun's Story


When my son Arjun turned 3 and was ready for preschool during the pandemic, I was looking for level-based learning with math and reading. As many parents I was skeptical about online medium for learning. But upon consulting Ms. Christina, I decided to give it a try. Although it was not easy at first, Arjun adapted very well with the instructors who he met online, and the routine really helped. He enjoyed learning via zoom and now almost does his class work independently under the supervision of his instructors. I am very glad I chose Kumon.
Manasa Khandrika

I met with Arjun and his parents via a Zoom call for the Parent Orientation in December 2020 during the peak of the pandemic. While unsure of working virtually at such a young age, his parents were impressed with how well Arjun could follow along with the Placement Tests.  They decided to sign him up for both Math and Reading program.  
During learning sessions, Arjun connected very well with the EL assistants on Zoom. He has developed good work skills and study routine. He has been virtually studying for about one and a half years and now continues “hybrid classes” (one virtual class and one in person class a week).  He is working on addition in Math Level 2A and just passed his Level 3A Reading test to progress to the next level. I am so proud of the confident kindergartener he has become!  
⁃ Ms Chrisitna

Meet Zoi!


Zoi is a poised and mature seventh grader. She is currently studying Level J in Kumon math program, comparable to Algebra II, and way ahead of what she is studying in school.  She didn’t just show up to Kumon one day and magically get ahead of grade level that quick.  As Zoi puts it, “It’s not a race, but a journey.”
Zoi started her Kumon journey when she was in the first grade and a bit behind in math.  She started at the most basic levels in the math program and made steady progress with her dedication and commitment every day.  Zoi has very diversified interests like tennis, swimming and dancing, she has a full schedule of activities. Her family is very proud that Zoi involves and enjoys in different activities but excelling academically is always the top priority and make sure she completes her Kumon assignments consistently. Balancing between activities and Kumon work, Zoi enjoys attending the special high-level G-O class to dive deep into her worksheets with other high level fellow Kumon students on a quiet Sunday morning.
Zoi has completed a prep program, called SEEDS, which prepares students for middle school or high school placement at academically rigorous, private day or boarding schools with substantial financial aids. The students must attend classes on Saturdays and participate in two summer residential programs over a fourteen-month span.  Kumon’s independence gave Zoi the confidence during her interview and the advanced knowledge to pass the assessments.  The patience and determination learned through Kumon helped Zoi to write numerous essays for her application process and achieve, “Most Improved Writer.” Learning the importance of daily practice, through Kumon at a young age, and to “keep on trying” also helped Zoi to achieve “Best Attendance” at SEEDS.  Zoi currently attends an independent day school with full scholarship until high school graduation. She is looking forward to her bright future ahead in both high school and college.
Words of advice from a once first grade Kumon student to now a middle school Kumon student,
“Kumon is more than just learning math and reading. It is also a great way to get ahead and meet people with similar minds as your own.” - Zoi

Meet Kiki!


“Hello fellow Millburn Kumon members! My name is Kiki, and I am currently going into 9th grade in September and I am starting the H Math level in Kumon. 

I wanted to share a story about my 8th grade math experience and how Kumon has helped me move my math skills to a completely different consequential level. In 7th grade, throughout the whole year I was an average to below average student in my math class. 
In the beginning of the school year in 8th grade, I began Kumon because I wanted to ultimately improve my math skills. In the beginning of my Kumon experience, I took a test to determine what level I should start at, and I got a pretty bad score. At first when starting Kumon, I hated it! It was so annoying that I had to do all this extra work, and I was especially angry when it seemed to not work in the beginning. But, as I continued to persevere through 8th grade, I realized that I was excelling in my class! 

This made me feel so confident about myself when I was able to get high marks because I realized that with enough practice, I could achieve good grades in math. Kumon has helped me not only develop my math skills and help me be the top student in my class, but it has made me solve problems quickly and feel more confident about myself, to the point where I knew I could solve any problem that was given to me. 

At the end of 8th grade, I finished with an A in math and I realized how different my math success was compared to 7th grade. Before the end of the school year, I had an opportunity to speak to my counselor. When I met with him, he told me that I had the highest growth percentage from 7th to 8th grade in math from all the students in my grade! I was shocked to realize that I grew so much in math over the past year. But most importantly, I realized how much Kumon helped me gain these skills and confidence. 

I hope to continue growing even faster and learning more from each packet I do in Kumon. So, if you are feeling discouraged, just know that Kumon will help you in the end and you will be excelling so much compared to your classmates. I truly believe that you will be as happy and confident as I was when you realize how good you are doing in math with the help of Kumon. I want to thank all the staff in Millburn Kumon for their help and dedication at all times. I also want to give a special thanks to Ms. Christina for her help, strictness, and encouragement for me to be able to develop the program to my fullest ability!”

Meet Anvit!


Anvit is a humble fourth grader enrolled at the Kumon of Milburn.  He started Kumon in first grade and is already studying three years above his grade level. Not only is he reaching great heights in the Kumon program, but his math skills shine through at school with his impressive grades and Math Olympiad titles.  Anvit’s most recent math accomplishment was winning STEM Fest Math Contest 2021 in his school district.  This competition included students in grades three through five from all six elementary schools answering challenging word problems.  Students were asked to analyze and solve various processes under strict time constraints.  Most students can’t complete the test within the time limit let alone find the correct answers to these challenging problems.  Anvit’s perseverance meant he was able to answer every question in time and correctly!

Anvit shared that Kumon helped him during this competition with all that he has learned through his studies.  “Kumon helped me to quickly figure out the answer by teaching me material that was more intense than what I learned in school.  School just grazes over a math topic, but Kumon teaches you all the steps.  My fraction strength in Kumon helped me a lot when answering the questions in the competition.”
Anvit’s goal is to continue in Kumon until he finishes all the levels and becomes a Program Completer.  “I like the independent process Kumon teaches me.  I don’t have to wait for a teacher to move on to the next topic and I can soar at my own speed.  I feel better about myself when I’ve accomplished a hard concept too.” 

In his spare time, Anvit enjoys all kinds of sports, including, quidditch. He also enjoys reading and writing his own poetry. When he grows up, he would like to work on Wall Street and analyze the stock market, and perhaps own his own business.