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About the Instructor


Steve obtained a BBA in Finance from the Red McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. He worked for a few years as a Financial Analyst for a global corporation during which he realized that his true calling did not lie in the corporate world. He knew he had always wanted to make a difference in the lives of others and had a passion to serve the community, with a particular interest in the field of education.

It was after working as an ESL teacher at an education institute in Houston and shadowing a veteran Kumon Instructor, that Steve found what he enjoyed most and gave him purpose- working with children to help them build a strong academic foundation, develop confidence, and foster independence. He had wanted to blend his business background with his passion for children’s education and found a perfect match with Kumon. He has been the proud owner of the Kumon of Math and Reading Center of Pearland – Silverlake for the past several years and truly loves what he does. The smiles on his students’ faces and the confidence they exude, as well as their parents’ joy from seeing their children succeed, make Kumon a truly rewarding experience for him.

Steve has been extensively trained and is a certified professional Kumon Instructor who works closely with each student and his/her family to create an individual study plan best suited for each student, whether it be for remedial or enrichment purposes. Through assessment of both accuracy and speed of the student’s classwork and homework as well as through observation of student work skills demonstrated in class, Steve ensures that each student is at the appropriate level and pace of study to maintain challenge and motivation. His goals as an instructor are to help each student achieve his/her full potential in math and reading, build self-confidence, and develop a love of learning.