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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Titi has Achieved Math Level G by 4th Grade .....!!


Titi is studying 7th grade math and she is only a 4th grader. We are so proud of her hard work and achievement. Kumon has helped Titi in school by making her a confident self-learner. 

Gabby's Success...!!!


Believe in the process… My daughter has been coming to this Kumon center since it opened. When the pandemic hit she had a hard time coping with online sessions, she hated it. She would start crying when asked to do her homework. Then, she started to go back to the center. She started getting praise from her teachers, and good grades. She is already ahead of her school year. She has finally realized what Kumon does for her. Now, every time she is asked to do her worksheets, she is more than willing to do it. Thank you Ms. Pinali and your whole team!