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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Debbanita's Story

Debannita Dutta

This is Debannita D. Her journey at Kumon started in 2019 just before she started school. Kumon gave Debannita a comfortable environment where she adjusted quickly and within a month we started seeing changes in her academics and learning curve. Kumon's teaching methods really suited her and currently, she is doing Math 2 levels above her current grade. She is only in her 2nd Grade now and we are hoping that her success story continues for many more years to come. We are very happy with Kumon and recently enrolled her sister also.

Luke's Story

Luke Jumper

My name is Luke J. and I was in second grade when I started Kumon and was behind in school. Kumon has not only allowed me to get to grade level but surpass grade level in math. I have gained confidence, built a foundation for future education, and learned to be dedicated to learning, even when it’s challenging. I have learned many life lessons through Kumon including working hard and that practicing is truly rewarding.

Aadhya's Story

Aadhya Muthukumar

Aadhya M. is in Grade 4 and is back at our center since August 2020. Kumon has really helped her excel in both reading and math and in getting good grades in school which makes her feel more smarter and confident. The reading program has helped Aadhya improve her vocabulary and increase her interest in reading books. She's currently working at 3 years above grade level in Math and loves helping her friends with their math problems when they have questions or need help with.

Ayaan's Story

Ayaan Aslamy

My name is Ayaan A. I joined the math program at Kumon several years ago. I am in 5th grade but working years ahead, which I’m proud of. Kumon has been great for me because I have learned to be confident in myself. It has taught me to be accountable and learn to solve problems. I may not learn something at first but if I keep trying and persevering, I will figure it out. What’s cool to see is that I’ve motivated my sister to start Kumon too and she wants to learn math just like me.

Abran's Story


Abran initially enrolled in Kumon in order to catch up to grade level. Kumon gave Abran a comfortable environment in order to become confident when he speaks and reads aloud. Abran wants to be an engineer when he is older and knows that confidence in math and reading will help him to reach this goal. Abran is now working 1 year above grade level in reading and 2 years above grade level in math!

Alessandro's Story


Alessandro says that while enrolled at Kumon he’s gotten better at everything. He knows now he doesn’t need to be afraid to answer when he’s called upon in school because he usually knows the answer. Kumon has given him confidence! Alessandro’s Mom Zonia says that Kumon is challenging in order for school to be less difficult. He is currently working 2 years above grade level in both math and reading.

Allison's Story


At a young age, Allison discovered that she had dyslexia. A friend of the family recommended Kumon so that she could improve her grades. After 6 years Allison feels Kumon has helped her improve her vocabulary and math skills – in fact, she is now in Language Arts Honors and Algebra I Honors! When she’s not working on her education, she hangs out with her friends and family, plays volleyball, dances, and plays video games.

Katlynn's Story


Katlynn has been doing Kumon since grade 1. Now in grade 7, Katlynn says that after a lot of practice and memorizing in Kumon, she’s able to quickly do multiplication, addition, subtraction and division in her head. As a result, Katlynn has gotten better at solving grade level math problems quickly and efficiently during school. She says that the Reading Program has expanded her vocabulary and made her writing in school more clear and expressive. Katlynn keeps doing Kumon even when its hard because she knows it will help her reach her goals of working in the medical field, perhaps as a doctor. Currently, Katlynn is working 3 years above grade level in math and reading!

Zach's Story


Zach enrolled at the Kumon of Westminster before starting grade 3 because he was struggling with math at school. He wants to be “a technology guy” and says that Kumon makes him smarter, which feels good. Now that Zach is working at grade level in math, he finds school to be not so hard. When he's not doing school or Kumon, Zach likes to watch movies - his favorite Spiderman is Tobey MaGuire!