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About the Instructor


My name is Elia Zehra Momin and I will be your child’s instructor at the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Alpharetta-Windward Parkway!

I am fully committed to the growth and continued success of your child's education, and will do all I can to provide an excellent learning environment at our center.  Every child has the ability and potential to learn.  Some need to be nudged a little bit to take on the responsibility for their education and to become independent learners.  It is our responsibility as educators and parents to provide them with the necessary tools for success, such as a suitable environment, constant encouragement, sound study skills and a firm foundation in the fundamentals.  Kumon’s ideology and methodology help students do just that. This is the main reason why I have spent over a year in a rigorous Kumon training program and have become a Certified Kumon Instructor.  I look forward to helping each child achieve their full potential!

Biography and Background

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I am an ambitious, dedicated instructor who has been involved with the Kumon franchise for over 7 years. Initially as a manager at another Kumon location in the Atlanta area, and almost 5 years as owner and Center Director at the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Alpharetta - Windward Park.  My background is in the IT field, so I hope to make this Kumon center as technologically advanced as possible.  This will include improved communications via texting or email, social media presence for key communications and other items that help make your child’s Kumon learning experience as efficient as possible.

As I personally conducted research into the Kumon franchise, I fell in love with its philosophy, namely its long term vision and the configurable learning process. Most of you are already familiar with the quality curriculum that Kumon provides and how it has been proven for years with successful results. I am thrilled by the prospect of helping our students with a top notch supplemental learning experience, one that helps them reach their full educational potential and makes a positive impact on their lives. This is most evident not only from better school grades but also from improved confidence and self-esteem skills our students develop from the program. It is such a pleasure to watch our children learn new skills while enhancing the skills they already possess.  In my experience, the most successful classes are those in which you have incorporated all three types of learners into your teaching: the kinesthetic, the visual, and the auditory.  I carefully organize my notes and lectures to meet the needs of all three learning styles.