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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.




I enrolled Skyler in Kumon when she was in kindergarten. That was 3 years ago, after I witnessed a 3 year old reading with a little help, only to find out that he was a product of Kumon.It's amazing how Skyler's journey has been since she joined Kumon. It was a little hard for her with homework from school, but when she realized how easy school work became because of Kumon, she was on top of her Kumon work. She can do her reading and math with zero help. I thank Kumon instructors for this far. We are here to stay.

Skyler's Mom

Raymond L.


Kumon is affordable and targeting Math and Reading which I want Raymond to be ahead of. I see a significant change in his reading from knowing nothing to be able to read a story. For Math he’s doing a a moderate fast pace. I like him to continue for his elementary level so he can be confident transfer to middle school. 



During Covid, we noticed that Valentina was struggling to understand some of her studies. To give her an extra boost, we started her at Kumon. And through dedication and perseverance, she has been making strides and feels more confident in her schooling. I think she is more proud of herself when she makes good grades, because she is intentional about her work.

Watching your child struggle is one of the hardest things for a parent. So to watch her excel with more ease is one of the reasons we will keep her in Kumon for as long as we need to!

Valentina's Parents

Julian S.


We enrolled Julian to Kumon to help him improve in reading comprehension, increase vocabulary, and refine his English skills in general. 

His progress is phenomenal! He became fast with math computations and mental arithmetic. He definitely improved in reading comprehension as well because he can now understand more words and he can finally able to work independently. We noticed that Kumon made him boost his confidence in school especially with English as his second language, it helped him excel in most of his school subjects and he developed self-discipline which made us even prouder. 

We see great progress in his grades at school. As he reach his goals in Kumon, it keeps him motivated and he learned setting his own goals as well. Kumon helped him stay on his track as he developed good study habits and time management skills. 


Innie with medals

I heard about Kumon through a friend, because I wanted an extra learning center for Innie, so she can be an above average student.  Great and positive changes, always getting reports from her teachers how she has been leading the class in Math nd Reading. We stay in Kumon because I still want her to continue the great work and getting better by each level.

Eric's Story from D's to A's


Kumon, Mrs. Alysia and her team have been a huge blessing in our lives. My son was struggling with reading. He was overactive at school and had a hard time concentrating with his reading passages. He got easily frustrated with his work. Kumon's system helped with his concentration, and being patient with his school work as well as his overall confidence. He went from making 60's on his report card to almost all A's!!! I am so pleased with Kumon, so of course I had to sign him up for math. I highly recommend Kumon.

Siddharth's success story


As busy parents, we were looking for structure and consistency for a highly energetic Kindergartener who needed additional support outside of his classroom. For Sid, Kumon filled that gap. We had known about Kumon from friends and family and how it helped their children. We have found Kumon to be a positive influence on Sid. Ms Alysia and her staff has worked tremendously with Sid to help him succeed. Because of their dedication and motivation, Sid has been reading one grade above his level. We are very pleased with the success that Sid had achieved with Kumon. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the Kumon family.
-Gagan & Dhumil

(Siddharth will enter 1st grade in 2020 reading over 6 months ahead of the Kumon International Standard for 1st grade.)

Kamden is continually 6 months ahead of grade level!


I brought Kamden to Kumon because he was struggling with reading comprehension. When I heard about Kumon I decided to give it a shot. Within 2 months his teacher started noticing a difference. By the time he got to second grade and took his beginning of the year reading exam he had already met the second graders end of the year exam goal. That is why I have kept Kamden in Kumon, his teachers have noticed a difference and so have I. It took awhile but Kamden sees the difference and has grown to enjoy Kumon as well. 

Layth's Success Story


When I heard of Kumon I decided to enroll my son because I loved the idea of jump starting his mind to put him above grade level academically at the age of 3. With now a year enrolled, he has shown outstanding advanced knowledge in math and reading for his age. And with an incredible, attentive instructor like Miss Alysia, as weeks progress I am more amazed and excited to watch him grow and develop new skills to help ensure him a brighter educational future.
-Dalal J.

(Layth is 4 years old. He is currently 6 months ahead of the Kumon International Standard for his grade in Reading and approaching 1 year above grade level in Math.)