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pdf July 2019 Connection Newsletter
July 2019 newsletter
pdf February 2019 Connetion Newsletter
February 2019 Newsletter
pdf November Connection News Letter 2018
News Letter
pdf October 2018 connection newsletter
pdf August 2018 Connection Newsletter
August 2018 Newsletter
pdf March 2018 Connection News letter
March 2018 newsletter
pdf February 2018 Connection Newsletter
February 2018 Newsletter
pdf January 2018 Connection Newsletter
January 2018 newsletter
pdf December 2017 Connection Newsletter
December 2017 Newsletter
pdf November 2017 Connection Newsletter
2017 November News letter
pdf October 2017 connection newsletter
October 2017 connection newsletter
pdf September 2017 connection newsletter
September 2017
pdf July 2017 Kumon Connection Newsletter
Communication from the Center Director - July 2017
pdf May 2017 Kumon Connection Newsletter
Communication from the Center Director - May 2017
pdf April 2017 Kumon Connection Newsletter
Communication from the Center Director - April 2017


pdf Media Release Form
Media Release Form


pdf School Vs Kumon
Additional Concepts Covered in Kumon Program
pdf The Common Core Fact Sheet
Common Core Fact Sheet
pdf Kumon and Common Core
Kumon and Common Core
pdf Why is My Child Starting at Such a Low Level?
Low Level Starting Point
pdf Why Does my Child's Work Need to be Timed?
Worksheet Completion Time
pdf Why Does my Child Have Work Repetition?
Need for Repetition
pdf How Long Will it Take to Catch Up to Grade Level
Target Grade Level
pdf Why the Specific Worksheet Order?
Need for Specific Worksheet Sequence
pdf Why Isn't My Child Progressing Faster With Kumon?
Slow Progress at higher levels
pdf My Child is Caught Up, Why Stay With Kumon?
Continue Kumon after reaching Grade Level
pdf Why is it Important to Learn independently?
Foster Independent Learning
pdf The Benefits of Studying Higher Level Math
Higher Level Math Skill
pdf Why is Home Grading Necessary?
Need for Home Grading
pdf Kumon FAQ from Parents