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About the Instructor


Hello! My name is Sonali Pandit, and I am the Instructor at the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Bear, since 2008. I have been an Instructor for over 13 years and opened a second center in Hockessin in 2010.

My extensive training in the Kumon worksheets and the Kumon Method for guiding students through the Program efficiently has been a wonderful complement to my formal education in Business and Nuclear Medicine.

I have worked with over 1000 students over the years. Parents of students are my best advocates. You can call me up for a reference. The smiles, confidence and sense of achievement my students show talk volumes about our center. Also please visit

Biography and Background

Sonali Pandit is a Certified Kumon Instructor and also has degrees in Chemistry, Business Administration & Nuclear Medicine.

Sonali's passion for working with children and her own experiences as a parent seeking to educate her children led her to start the Kumon Center.  She owns and runs the Hockessin and Bear Centers.  She nurtures the students with a gentle but uncompromising and firm hand.  A result oriented perfectionist, she constantly strives to improve the instruction and environment at the center.

She is ably assisted by a highly motivated and growing team of 14 Center Assistants.