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About the Instructor


Jon Lee, Center Director
Kumon Math & Reading Center of Bedford

Passion to Teach:  Jon Lee developed his passion to teach while majoring in Applied Mathematics at Columbia University in New York City.  While studying at the University and also after graduation while working, he volunteered his time and energy as a Junior Achievement Instructor empowering young people to own their economic success.  In the years since, Jon has enthusiastically set out to be a great instructor of children's development.  He has steadily built a reputation as an instructor, not only to children of all ages but to educational experts as well.


Global Perspective:  As a career diplomat’s son, Jon began his international background when he was born in Mexico City; then grew up in Uganda, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Ecuador, and the United States.  Before joining Kumon, he was a director at a leading consulting firm.  As an international consultant, he specialized in people development which included leadership, teamwork, performance, training, and communication.  He now shares his global perspective and insights with his Kumon students in guiding them and motivating them to reach their full potential.


Kumon Way:  Jon opened the Kumon Math & Reading Center of Bedford to offer an affordable and accessible supplemental education program to children in the community.  Jon works with his students to develop progress goals to improve their competitive skills and confidence – the Kumon way.  With the right tools and effective communications, the student and instructor can create a relationship that will produce positive results.  Self-discovery, self-confidence, and motivation form the basis of Jon’s philosophy.