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Class Hours

2:00pm - 6:30pm
12:00pm - 4:00pm
2:00pm - 6:30pm

About the Center


Welcome to the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Bend! At Kumon, we believe that every child has the potential to learn far beyond our expectations. It is our job as Kumon Instructors to encourage each individual child to want to learn, to enjoy learning, and to be capable of studying successfully in the future.

We encourage anyone who has interest or questions about our program to call us at 541-728-0176 to set up a parent orientation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Kumon.

Whether the need is for remedial help or for advanced study, our goal is to help your child become a better learner. At Kumon of Bend we teach skills that last a lifetime!

Price and Fees

Kumon is paid on a monthly basis. Tuition is $120 per month per subject with a one-time $50 registration fee for most students. There are no contracts to sign!

We do require a deposit in the sum of one month's tuition to be applied to your last month of enrollment. All students leaving Kumon prior to the 12th month of enrollment will forfeit the deposit.  Please call our center for further details, (541) 728-0176 or email us at [email protected]


Kumon is a long term program and not a "quick fix". We expect our families to be enrolled in our program for one year or more. Kumon builds benefits that last a lifetime. Whether your child needs better test taking skills, solid study habits, or just help with handwriting, Kumon works with each of our students to have them working at or beyond their current school grade level. This is when students will truly reap the rewards of  their hard work. The ultimate goal for all students is program completion.

We do require 30 days notice before leaving the program. Deposits will not be credited back to families who are in the program for less than one year.