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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through Grade 12, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our centre prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Sonakshi Mondal

Sonakshi Mondal

Sonakshi Mondal was in Kindergarten when her parents enrolled her into Kumon Math program in Jan 2019. Within months her parents noticed the change in Sonakshi’s mental calculation skills and decided to enroll her in the reading program as well.

She transferred to Kumon Bartley Square in July 2021. She was already a strong Kumon student and had developed all the skills of an independent learner.

Sonakshi says “I am happy that I am in Kumon. Kumon has helped me become more dedicated, determined and focused in my studies. One day, I want to become an Astronaut, Teacher and a Writer. I am aware that if I don’t study, I will not be able to achieve what I want to. Kumon has made me smarter ‘

Her parents are equally committed and believe in the Kumon program. “Kumon has increased her confidence immensely not only in studies but in life as well. She is very happy if her teachers and friends and family praise her. She knows that studies are important to grow in life. Kumon has helped Sonakshi focus, be disciplined, determined, dedicated towards her studies. She is an intelligent child and I am happy that Kumon is challenging her to excel in her academics. Challenges are important in life to grow. We all know Knowledge is Power. If a child has a strong base, nothing will be impossible to achieve in this life. With these skills we would like to encourage her to compete in Math Olympiad and spelling bee competitions which will boost her confidence”. Sonakshi’s mom adds “I am really thankful to the teachers and their team who are doing tremendous hard work and dedication, are guiding the Kumon students to excel in life.”

Sonakshi’s hobbies are painting and drawing, playing her piano, learning new songs, writing stories. She is very much interested in playing basketball, soccer, reading different kinds of books specially about space and astronauts. Along with this her extracurricular activities include Taekwondo and learning the classical form of dance, Bharatnatyam.

Sonakshi has a bright future and with her dedication and commitment along with constant support from her parents, she is on the right path to success!!! 

Zentangle Art

Zentangle Art

A beautifully drawn Zentangle at one of the Art sessions organized by Kumon Bartley Square during the pandemic.

Yashica Nagpal, the artist of this Zentangle, had some kind words to say about Kumon and our team, “Kumon has helped me get smarter in math. Kumon Bartley Square team taught me different methods and strategies for every new concept, and I levelled up very fast. Thank You!” 

Kumon Rocks!!!

Zentangle Kumon

One of my students decided to do a "KUMON ROCKS" Zentangle for a recently organized virtual Zentangle Art session during the pandemic.

"Hi, I'm Surmeet, I joined the Kumon reading program when I was 6. It helped me learn how to read, and now reading has become my hobby. This motivated me to join the Kumon math program, which is helping me to enhance my problem-solving skills and perform good in school."


Ananiya Shrestha

Ananiya joined Kumon Bartley Square in December 2015 when she was in grade 4. She had just moved to Canada and her parents were anxious about her education in Canada.

Ananiya had some difficulty in subtraction and was not very well conversant in English. She was a very timid girl. In 6 months, Ananiya was able to complete 5 levels of Math and 6 levels of Reading. She was working independently and was able to complete her work on time. She was more confident and her parents could already see that Ananiya had progressed tremendously in 6 months. Ananiya's grades improved at school and she was one of the smartest students in her class. There was no looking back for Ananiya after that. She is continuously working hard to achieve the best.  She earned a distinction in the Euler Mathematics Contest and was amongst the first 5 students.


Success Stories

Chloe started the Kumon math program in 2011, grade 1, when she was introduced to number counting. Chloe was anxious to start Kumon since Kindergarten, as she had been exposed to it from her older sister when she was just 2 years old.Chloe quickly grasped the Kumon work ethics. She learned how to work independently and her disciplined approach resulted in improved school grades and confidence. By grade 4, she was doing order of operations and fractions.Thanks to her diligence and hard work, she has achieved Level G by grade 5 and is determined to complete the Kumon math program. She also plays competitive soccer and piano. Even with her demanding schedule, Chloe still manages to find time to do her Kumon.


Her sister has also been enrolled in the Kumon math program since 2008 and is presently in grade 10. Their parents are strong believers in the Kumon program and are very committed to it. They give credit to Kumon for the academic success of their daughters.


Success Stories

Jiya started Kumon in grade 2. Her parents enrolled her in both Math and Reading. Soon she achieved what was a proud moment for her and her parents. With consistent efforts and determination, Jiya made it into the honor roll within the first few months. Within 2 years she was studying 1 year above her grade level in both Math and Reading. By the beginning of grade 5 she was one of the high achievers in her school and at Kumon. She is presently doing work, 3 years above her grade level. In grade 6, she was declared gifted and is also in the ISELP program. She has not only excelled in school in both Math and English but also in French.

Her mother says "Jiya wants to be a dentist when she grows up and Kumon has put her in the right direction to achieve her goal. Kumon has given her the focus, motivation, confidence that is required to excel academically. Kumon has taught her to be more organized and manage her time effectively ". Along with Kumon, Jiya is busy with art, swimming, skating, music, name some. She finds time to complete all her school assignments on time and do her Kumon daily.


Success Stories

Ashmeet's parents enrolled him in Kumon in grade 4, after trying out other programs. Immediately, they noticed a change in Ashmeet's work ethics which reflected in his report card. He was in the Honor roll in grade 4. He was declared a gifted child in grade 7. There was no looking back for Ashmeet after that. Kumon became part of his daily routine.He himself realized the importance of Kumon. He insisted that in case his parents wanted to discontinue any of his extra- curricular activities, it should never be Kumon.

He excelled in his high school and continued to maintain his high grades all through. He completed his grade 12 with Honors and was able to pursue his goal of becoming a Computer Engineer.He was accepted in all the major universities in Canada. He chose to go to University of Waterloo (Co-op program) to fulfill his dream and is now continuing his journey to success.