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About the Centre


At the Kumon Math and Reading Centre of Brampton, we strive for student excellence and independent learning through the proven Kumon Learning Method.

The class hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings.  We recommend that participating students attend the centre two times a week, although in some cases, students may be permitted to come just once per week.  All students are given 30 minutes per subject, so if they are enrolled in both math and reading, they will be scheduled for an hour.  We offer a flexible schedule that adapts to your needs.  Your child doesn’t need to hold the same time slot on both days of the week.

Guidelines for Attending Our Centre

We require advance notice if any change is needed in your child’s regular workload for any reason.  Special arrangements should be made for vacations and other trips so that the instructor can assign homework to do every day.  Up to a month of time off is allowed per student, per calendar year.  During this time the instructor will not give assignments and no payments are due.  However, if your child misses more than a month, you will be required to pay the registration fee again to re-enroll your child if you wish to do so.  Your child also forfeits all Kumon Plus points.

Make sure that you send your child to class with their assignments and a pencil and eraser.  If an assignment is not completed in time for class for any reason, students should still bring that assignment to class and be prepared to complete it.

Parents are asked to wait in the waiting room while class is in session.  Parents with preschool children participating in the programs at our centre are required to wait there the entire class time, although parents of older children may leave the area as long as they are back in time to pick up the child before the end of class.

We ask that all cell phones be turned off while you are inside our centre; no personal electronic devices, food or drink are allowed in the classroom.

Our Incentive Program

Attendance and milestones are tracked for our students in our centre via passport stamps.  Stamps are earned for every assignment completed on time.  Students earn five stamps after they successfully complete an achievement test.  Students can redeem their stamps for prizes during a special week each month.

All students who attend our centre are also automatically enrolled in the Kumon incentive program, which is Kumon North America’s Kumon Plus.  They collect points for attendance and academic milestones.  After collecting enough points, they can redeem them for prizes at

For Parents

Parents who enroll their children at Kumon are making an investment in their children’s education, and they are encouraged to ensure their children complete all of their assignments on time.  For parents who wish to do home grading, an answer book will be provided.  We do NOT recommend that parents help their children complete their assignments because the success of the Kumon method is based on independent learning.  If your child is struggling, alert the instructor as soon as possible.

All parents will receive regular updates and graphs to chart their children’s progress.  Parents who wish to meet with their instructors may schedule an appointment to discuss their child’s progress.