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About the Instructor


My journey in Kumon started when my daughter needed help in Reading (mainly with spelling). My wife and I enrolled her in the Kumon Program and experienced first hand how it has helped her and transformed her study skills. The experience has instilled in me the longing to be the instrument to help other kids gain the benefits of “The Kumon Method." My Aerospace Engineering background and love of Math has provided me with a strong hold in the subject and to deliver it effectively. It has also given me the understanding to put myself in the shoes of the students and think the way they think.


Throughout my years as a Kumon Instructor, I have been grateful to have the opportunity to work with many students in various grades. The experience of working with many students has taught be to become humble, take joy in their successes, and view all the setbacks as learning moments.  I believe in making mistakes and using that opportunity to learn from them. I also take pride in what I am doing - looking at the big picture of shaping the beautiful minds and characters of little and big people, that one day will go out to make their own future.


I have also been immensely blessed with a strong team that share the same vision of making a difference one child at a time. Together, we have been able to bring The Kumon Method to the surrounding community and have received affirmations from Kumon Families as reflected on the following reviews:


"The staff at this Kumon Learning Center are wonderful! Mr. Bumianto is such an amazing Director, he takes the time to know and make all the students at the Center feel special- and he does so effortlessly too. The staff is dedicated and is always willing to work with your schedule and work consistently with the kids to make them achieve their goals. With the dedication and knowledge, it is no surprise that the kids excel - my son’s reading and math is well above his grade and it took him a short time to get there. This is an excellent center and I will recommend it to anyone in the area looking to start the kids in Kumon. You will not be disappointed with this Centre - trust me!" - Sa Bo


"My daughter is going to Kumon for English and Math. BUMIANTO and his team is excellent in assisting kids to learn. I had a great experience with him, he takes time to listen and understand parents concerns and questions if any. I highly recommend this Kumon. Very satisfied and highly recommend this place." - Imthiyaz Shameer 


"One of Brampton's highest reviewed (and rated) Kumon centres for a reason - they deliver results.  It's not cheap, but my7 year old son's focus and discipline have improved dramatically.  He can now read above his grade level with ease, and he tackles math problems like a champ.  Definitely worth the investment if you want to set your kids up for success." - Ryan MacDonald