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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through Grade 12, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our centre prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Josie’s Story


Josie is 10-years-old, studying three years above her grade level in the Kumon Program. In fact, she’s studying the same math material that her mom, who is an eighth grade teacher, teaches her students. Imagine that, a 10-year-old transforming equations, working with linear functions and simplifying monomials and polynomials. She’s well on her way to advanced algebraic expressions and she isn’t even in middle school yet.

One of the things that Josie likes most about Kumon is the fact that she’s studying above her grade level.

“Kumon gives me confidence because I know how strong of a student it has made me,” says Josie. “I know that I can do and learn anything if I do the work and practice daily. Kumon has taught me about the importance of focusing and to not be afraid of challenges, but to enjoy them and work through them because I know I can overcome anything.”

Josie embodies everything that Toru Kumon had in mind when he founded the Kumon Method. He felt that students would experience the true benefits of the Kumon Method if they acquired the study habits necessary for self-learning and advanced study.

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Grace F


Grace S



Astrid and Madeleine



Kanya completed the Kumon program and went on to graduate from Yale before co-founding The Future Project, an initiative that focuses on service and education. Kanya wanted to take education a step further for students who fall in what she terms the “inspiration gap.” The initiative gives students a partner and creates opportunities for them to change their communities in very positive ways, thus giving them a chance to be inspired and see that they can do anything. Today The Future Project is active in several major cities in the U.S. and there are more than 500 Future Coaches and Future Fellows involved.


Karina started participating in the Kumon program more than seven years ago, and she received numerous honors as she progressed through the program. She mastered the math district test while she was still in kindergarten and received the Presidential Gold Award while she was in elementary school. Today Karina studies honor courses and participates in a number of extracurricular activities while also working as a Kumon Assistant. In addition, she was nominated for the National Youth Leadership Council and was selected to assist her peers in their efforts to get into college.


Avi became a published author when he was just eight years old. He began participating in the Kumon program while he was very young, and when he went into 3rd grade, he and some friends decided to put together a book of short stories. A publisher agreed to publish the book. Avi reached Kumon Level G in math by the time he was in 4th grade.


Samantha was first enrolled in the Kumon Program because her parents were concerned about her progress in reading and math. Six years later, she was learning concepts above her grade level in both subjects. In fact, she accidentally was handed the 8th grade test at her school for an international math contest while she was in the 6th grade. But she not only passed that test but also scored the highest at her school and ranked in the top 4 percent of 8th grade students in French schools globally.


Nina began participating in the Kumon program when she was in 3rd grade to develop her math skills, but by the time she was 12, she had completed the entire math program. She said once she got started in the program, she realized that she could do it and just wanted to keep on going. It turned out that a little bit of confidence was all she needed to complete the program.


Ishaan began taking part in the Kumon program to hone his math skills six years ago, but it didn’t take long for him to become a straight-A student. His father says that he no longer asks for help with his homework and is almost always able to do it completely on his own. Ishaan says Kumon has given him self-confidence and the ability to learn material on his own without the help of others.

Charles, Matthew, and Victor

Charles, Matthew, and Victor, three of the 3rd grade students selected to participate in the Math Olympics in Southern California, are more than just math wizzes. Charles, Matthew, and Victor all participated in the Kumon program as well, taking part for the past several years. Their parents attribute much of their academic success to the Kumon Learning Method.