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About the Instructor


As an extensively trained and certified professional instructor, I serve as a mentor who guides your children through their work while also providing direction, support and encouragement. I create an at-home study plan in addition to monitoring classroom assignments, and I emphasize the importance of accurately completing each assignment within a designated time frame. This has helped many of my students increase self-confidence, thus becoming more self-reliant. Like all Kumon Instructors, I have a true passion for education and an earnest desire to help children succeed.

Biography and Background

Hi, my name is James Patrick. I am a second-generation Kumon Instructor and I have been with Kumon for over 25 years. I was enrolled in the program when I was 11 years old after seeing the success that my brother had with the program as a Grade 3 student. While I was not a weak student, I never had the confidence or the drive to realize my full potential. Through Kumon, I developed into an excellent student and my work in the program led to many years of academic success and many doors open to me as I got older that may never have been available without Kumon.

During my high school years, my mother became more involved with Kumon and in 1996 she opened her first centre in Mississauga. During those years I worked as a staff member and ultimately a General Manager of one of her centres before opening my own centre in Ottawa in 2007.

After graduating from university I realized how much the Kumon program had given to me and I was determined to give back to other students. I was inspired to bring the Kumon Method to children in the Burlington area in 2010. I am actively involved with supporting children through the Children’s Ministries at my local church. I take enormous pride and pleasure in working with children and watching them discover their wonderful abilities. I always walk away with a smile!

I thank all parents for the honour of entrusting me with their children. At Kumon Burlington - Guelph Line and Fairview, we are committed to creating a positive learning experience and we are excited to help your children experience the joy of Kumon. I look forward to meeting you and your children and developing an individual study plan for them.