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About the Instructor


Kumon Instructors are trained and certified through a comprehensive system which ensures that they offer the best in Kumon instruction to each student. Homework and classwork are carefully assessed for speed and accuracy to maintain the right level of challenge and to ensure that mastery is attained as each new skill is introduced. Kumon Instructors work very closely with each individual student and his or her family to create the best study plan possible for the student, whether the need is for remedial help or for advanced study. Your Kumon of South Carlsbad Instructor is Marie Nang.

Biography and Background

Just like you, my interest in Kumon started with looking for an educational advantage for my children. I was working as a NICU RN for 15 years when I decided to make a career change. I opened my first Kumon Center in 2005 and my second center shortly after. In that time, I've helped over one thousand students with over 70% of them reaching grade level or beyond within a year or less.