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About the Instructor


Mrs. Stuti Desai

The goal of the Kumon Instructor is to provide the student with the "just-right" level of study in the Kumon Program. A placement test is administered to understand their current abilities, what they know, where the gaps exist, how they do things and how they react to different materials. Based on the time, score and observations, the instructor will provide the student with the most appropriate starting point in the Kumon Program.

The Kumon Program is designed to help students become self-learners. The goal is achieved by starting at a comfortable level to develop self-confidence, individualized work-skills, proper study approach and keep a healthy learning attitude. Students reach a new milestone each year that they are enrolled in the program and eventually study material above grade level. The program emphasizes the importance of accurately completing each assignment within a designated time frame. By doing so, the students increase stamina and speed, thus becoming more self-reliant.

The Kumon Program is a home-based education system which requires the parents, students and the instructor to work together and enhance learning. It is truly a privilege to be in the Kumon Program and to be a Kumon Student!

Biography and Background

The Kumon Instructor
Stuti Desai

Stuti Desai is certified with the latest advancement in the Kumon Method. She truly believes that each child has unlimited potential to learn and can naturally advance intellectually. Stuti has worked with all ages of students for past 10 years tutoring and providing mentorship along the way. She enjoys her time with her students and is truly passionate about guiding them to become self-learners. Stuti has great passion for education on all levels and wants to be part of each students' educational growth.

Stuti is truly looking to invest her time and efforts in providing the right level of education at the right time to all her students at Kumon. She truly believes in the Kumon Method and is eager to share with all students and parents what exactly Kumon can do for you. She also believes the earlier you expose your children to Kumon, the greater the benefits.

She has helped a great number of students acquire better academic performances and improve their confidence level through effective study habits. She waits for those miracles to happen every class day at Kumon.

Stuti's background is in Medical Device and Diagnostics Engineering from USC. She focused a great deal of time on computational analysis in genetics as well as product development and management. Stuti is also Six-Sigma Certified green belt for Process Improvement and applies those exact principals to improve her instruction and enhance her students learning experience every week at Kumon. There is always room for improvement!

Training and Certification

CSU Monterey Bay

B.S. Focus Molecular Biology 

University of Southern California 
M.S. Medical Device & Diagnostics Engineering (Focus Product Development/Project Management) 
Six Sigma Green Belt for Process Improvement 
Virterbi Graduate Mentorship Program