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Kumon of Myers Park: Awards, Recognition & Success!

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Although we always strive for students to develop intrinsic motivation at Kumon of Myers Park, we do recognize them for their efforts and hardwork. It's not easy in today's world to complete worksheet study. The students are used to a much faster pace learning environment when using screens. The benefits of worksheet study outweigh the hardship and we like to remind our students of that.  At the Center, the students enjoy collecting stickers for their Kumon Passports or finding a good joke to share with their families.  Students also collect Kumon Dollars for completing their homework and for earning Advanced Student Honor Roll. The students enjoy spending their dollars by collecting Pokemon cards, Sports Cards, Rewards and Gift Cards for those that save $250 or more Kumon Dollars. 

ANNUAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS:  We host an Annual Awards Ceremony each year usually near Halloween and give out trophies and medals to students who are working above grade level and have made Kumon’s Advanced Student Honor Roll (ASHR). 

What is Kumon Awards? 


As a parent, you want the best for your child. You want them to be confident, independent, and motivated to succeed in and out of the classroom. Kumon is a learning program based on ability, rather than age or grade, which allows our students the opportunity to study above their grade level. We believe that with the right tools kids can achieve extraordinary things.

Take a closer look at the awards Kumon Students can achieve throughout the program:

What is KIS and ASHR?

Kumon International Standard (KIS) is the global standard for a student’s grade level. Because school systems and curriculums vary so widely from state to state and country to country, KIS established a global standard to fit the Kumon curriculum. That means a first-grader in the United States is compared equally with a first-grader in Brazil.

Advanced Student Honor Roll (ASHR) recognizes and celebrates children studying above their school grade level. Students can receive a variety of achievements throughout their time in the program.

Bronze Award: Studying material on the KIS based upon the student’s grade level.

Silver Award: Studying material that is approximately six months to one year ahead of the KIS. based upon the student’s grade level.

Gold Award: Studying material that is approximately two years ahead of the KIS based upon the student’s grade level.

Platinum Award: Studying material that is approximately three years ahead of the KIS based upon the student’s grade level.

Why is Advanced Study Important?

Children studying above grade level tend to have a more positive attitude towards school, improved concentration skills, better study habits, increased accuracy, and the ability to work independently. A solid foundation in math and reading, coupled with studying at an advanced level, gives Kumon students the tools needed to excel in any school curriculum.  

Below are some of the highest achievement awards that can be earned while in the Kumon Math and Reading Program. Please note that awards are based on the subjects and two may be earned for the same category.

C by 1 Award

This award is presented to a student who has completed Level C10 or higher during or before their 1st-grade year.

  • Math Level C covers multiplication and division.
  • Reading Level C focuses on the structure of sentences, expressing ideas, and understanding the 5 W’s and 1H (who, what, when, where, why, and how).

G by 4 Award

This award is presented to a student who has completed Math/Reading Level G10 or higher before or during their 4th-grade year.

  • Math Level G is when students develop the skills to calculate fractions and improve their skills for algebraic expressions. They learn equations, inequalities, and linear functions.
  • Reading Level G is when students learn about their impressions and recognize the sentiments of characters. They also practice summarizing a single paragraph.

Note: Once Level G is reached, a student will also receive a yellow Kumon Pouch.

J by 6 Award

This award is presented to a student who has completed Math/Reading Level J10 or higher before or during their 6th-grade year.

  • Math Level J focuses on factorization, quadratic equations, and simultaneous equations.
  • Reading Level J develops critical reading skills, the structure of passages, and character analysis.

Note: Once Level J is reached, a student will also receive a black Kumon Pouch.

Program Completion

When a student completes the Math or Reading Program, they receive an award for each subject.

  • For Math, this award is presented to a student who has completed Math Level O200. By the end of the Program, they will have a solid understanding of working with advanced differentiation/integration and how to apply these skills.
  • For Reading this award is presented to a student who has completed Reading Level L200. By the end of Level L, students will have a deep understanding of elements of literature, substantiate interpretations of passages, and further enhance their ability to read critically.

Note: you can receive both diplomas along with the “Passport Award” if you complete both the Math and Reading Kumon Program.

Passport Award: Math and Reading Program Completion

This award is presented to a student who has completed Level L200 in Reading and Level O200 in Math. This is the highest achievement you can reach globally in Kumon.

Kumon Awards Motivate Students to Unlock Their Potential

There are countless opportunities for children to be awarded for their hard work in the Kumon Program. The awards are a way to recognize the students who are studying above grade level. These awards are motivating for students to work towards and show that academic advancement is possible and can help students unlock their true learning potential.

kumon+ Student Loyalty Program

kumon+ logo

kumon+ is a loyalty program that rewards students for attending a Kumon Center. Think of it as a special club for Kumon Students - one that motivates them as they work through the Kumon program. Students earn points for every complete month they attend Kumon, plus bonus points for as long as they’re enrolled. These points can be traded in for exciting rewards. And if students are enrolled in our Math and Reading programs, they’ll earn points for both subjects. Every Kumon Student is a member of kumon+.

For more information on kumon+.

Advanced Student Honor Roll

The Advanced Student Honor Roll recognizes Kumon students working ahead of their school grade level. Ambitious students remain in the program in order to stay above their grade level. These students study more challenging material than they are receiving at school in pursuit of their academic aspirations.