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Center Resources


pdf 2021 Goal Sheet: Time to Reflect and Plan for 2022
Think through what has been accomplished and you would like to accomplish for 2022. Happy Thinking!
Word Problem Book Recommendations on Amazon. How to Solve Word Problems. Chart of Words to Memorize and Circle.


pdf Fall Activity Sheet
Enjoy this fall coloring page by solving the math problems to find out the color of each section. The answers will match the numbers in the key.
pdf Kindergarten 4 Ways Kumon Helps Preschoolers
Our methods support preschooler stamina and endurance to write for longer and helps make learning fun!
pdf Motor Development Activity Sheet
Developing fine motor skills gives every kindergartener a boost for a great year ahead.
pdf Kindergarten Readiness Phonics Charts with Audio
Letter Sounds, Double Consonant Sounds and Double Vowel Sounds with audio support to listen and repeat sounds for better pronunciation.
pdf Motor Development Activity Sheet
Developing fine motor skills gives every kindergartener a boost for a great year ahead.
pdf The Path to Kindergarten Readiness
pdf Goal Setting: Planning for a New School Year
A tool to set goals in all areas of life.


pdf Recommended Award Winning List of Books and An Exp
Read all about the Kumon Recommended Reading List and click the link at the end of the article for a digital copy.
pdf Reading, Writing and Comprehension Tips
The following should be printed and in your child's backpack, by their side in school, at home for homework and for studying for a test. Improving on these techniques can make all the difference in your child's reading, writing and comprehension ability.
pdf Why doing Math and Reading Together is Important
Completing both math and reading simultaneously benefits student critical thinking and problem solving.
pdf Math Study Facts: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplic
Practice your math study facts for the four operations. Students can fold the sheet over to review without seeing the answers. Develop speed in addition and division by memorizing the answers like you would multiplication! Happy Learning!
pdf Multiplication Tables to Practice! A little practi
pdf Parent Tips for Pre-Readers enrolled in 7a through
This guide shows detailed tips of each of the phonics and pre-addition levels plus video clips for each.
pdf Tips at Home for Pre-Reader Students
Kumon at home can be quite an adventure for young children (and their parents.) Time is spent establishing a routine, developing proper study habits and creating lasting motivation.
pdf Time Management
pdf The Kumon Comfortable Starting Point
This is customized based on the results of your child's free assessment.
pdf Kumon of Myers Park Recommended Reading List of Aw
Please enjoy this list of Read Aloud books for the pre-readers to the Greats in the high school level.