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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Kumon of Clayton Parent

I have a 10 year old and a 5 year old enrolled in Kumon. Although more homework might not seem like a blessing, the extra training that Kumon provides has changed my children's experience at school. Within 6 months, "normal school" had become easy for them, and since that point, we have not had any trouble with their regular schoolwork. We also enjoy seeing an increased confidence in our daughter with Math and Science, and have used the time we used to struggle with assignments in developing her artistic and athletic talents.

Kumon gives our kids the edge!

Kumon of Clayton Student

My time at Kumon has been one of the most enriching experiences that I've had. As a student at Kumon, the most valuable lesson I learned would have to be my problem-solving skills. As time went on and I moved into the higher levels of Kumon, I began to realize that being patient was the key and not every answer would always come as quickly or as easily as I may have initially assumed. With the daily practice of problem solving, I began to notice how things slowly became easier which then indicated to me that I understood the material. After mastering a specific skill, I was then able to apply that to my schoolwork. To this day, I use and can recall some of the tricks and processes that I learned as a student at Kumon.

Educator and Kumon of Clayton Parent

From a parent's perspective, I feel passionate about Kumon, but even more so from an educator's vantage point. All too often, in the field of education, I hear middle school and high school teachers say consistently that math students today do not know their math facts. I have noticed that some curricula in the elementary schools focus a lot on math concepts but little on automatic recall of the facts. To me, Kumon allows my children to automate the facts, so later they have the opportunity to grasp higher level math concepts without having to spend time calculating simple facts.

Michael's Story

Michael and mom

Kumon has increased Michael's self-esteem and confidence tremendously and given the whole family bragging rights on Michael. He went from the bottom of his class in kindergarten to the top of his class within 3 months and the top of his K-5 by 4th grade. He scored the second highest on a standardized math test this year and was only beaten by 1 point by a 5th grader.

Stephen's (4th grade student) Article About Kumon

Stephen and his sister with Fatema, Kumon Clayton'

I think all students should do Kumon for the reasons I list here in this essay. Kumon provides individual attention and lessons.  It has lessons that are easy for beginners all the way up to very hard lessons. Lastly, you have a lot of fun when you do Kumon.

Did you know a student gets more attention when there are one teacher and nine students than one teacher and twenty-four students? There are fewer students that the teacher must teach in Kumon.  That means you have the teacher’s attention for a longer time if you need it. One thing you can do is get a lot of work done when the teacher is gone and when she comes back you can show the teacher.  You can make the teacher proud if you get all your work done in fifteen minutes.

Kumon has levels for all students (there are twenty-six levels).  The levels in Kumon start very easy for little kids, They get very hard for older kids,  For instance, my sister is in easy lessons and I am in harder lessons. You can get ahead of your classroom in just two years because Kumon helps you with topics.  There are one hundred packets for each level and a test at the end of each level. My mom gets me a big award if I pass a test at the end of a level in Kumon. It feels so good to pass a level in Kumon because you have to work hard to learn the material and pass a test at the end of a level.

Kumon is fun! In our house, my parents make the work fun to do the work every day.  One example, my mom helps me with my Kumon packets. A second example is that I get candy from the dispenser each Saturday after I complete my lesson (M&M’s, skittles, bubble gum for 25 cents).  Sometimes my mom gets me a little treat after I finish my packets like ice cream. Whenever I pass a test, my mom gives me a big reward/treat.

In closing, I think you should start Kumon.  The Kumon instructors are very nice and can give you lots of attention,  If you start the program, the Kumon teachers could find a level that is right for you.  Maybe your parents will give you treats like my mom for your Kumon work and test.