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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through Grade 12, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our centre prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Ding’s Story – Dual Program Completer!

After starting with Reading in grade 2, Ding studied diligently to complete the program in grade 8. He then went on to continue his math studies, which he started in grade 6, impressing Alice by taking on more work while studying at a high level in the Reading program. He completed the entire Math program in December 2023 while in grade 12, becoming one of our rare dual-program completers. Way to go, Ding!

Ding began working at Kumon while aiming to finish the Math program, and he is currently a math marker and assistant instructor for high-level students. We hope to continue to see him thrive in university and beyond!
-Kumon of Coquitlam-Austin Heights (2024)

"Growing up in a Mandarin-speaking household, I sometimes found it difficult to communicate effectively at school with friends and teachers in English, and when I first started Kumon at the age of 8, I also wasn't very fond of the idea of leaving the house twice a week to do more work. However, the guidance provided by instructors at Kumon during in-person classes, and the easy to follow and complete booklets made starting the Reading program very easy. Overtime, I found my English skills catching up to my peers, and by grade 5, I would be the one helping my friends with spelling and grammar.

In middle school, I was unsatisfied with how math was being taught in school, so I looked towards the Kumon Math Program. At first, I was placed in a level lower than I thought I should have been, but later came to appreciate having to master the basic operations. The knowledge and experience gained from completing each questions, booklet, and level really adds up over time, and by my 5th year in the Kumon Math Program, I had the confidence to join my school's math competition club, and even managed to earn certificates of distinction in contests such as the Fermat, Euclid, and AMC.

If I could give my younger self (or maybe my parents) some advice relating to Kumon, it would be to set a schedule of when in the day to do Kumon, and commit to completing your daily booklet, because once they start building up, it's much harder to finish them all, and rushing them doesn't make for high quality learning."

-Ding (2024)

Terrell’s Story – Reading Program Completer!

Terrell in 2019

One of our youngest program completers, Terrell came to us in kindergarten and finished the Reading program while in only grade 6! Even after moving farther away from our centre, he was a dedicated student and continued with virtual classes until completing the program in April 2022.

Photo: Terrell at our 2019 Fun & Awards Event

Skating, Verbathons, and Kumon!


Kierana and Alessa are two students who have been studying at Kumon for a little over four years. They are both currently on the Kumon International Standard, reaching Silver for their studies in math and reading. This means that they are studying material that is up to three years ahead of grade level! 

In their spare time, Kierana and Alessa are very active in extracurricular activities. Recently, Kierana placed first in the Star 4 Under 10 (years old) level for BC/YK Pond to Podium Super Series and Alessa's team took first place in the annual Verbathon Marathon.

Congratulations to them both for their achievements! 

T's Story

After T.S.'s* grade 3 year, and as he started grade 4, we realized that he was behind at school so on the recommendation of a friend (thanks Uncle Dave) we joined Kumon. In this program you complete a homework book everyday... 7 days a week. The program works on the simple concept of the “compound effect” and the power of changing your daily habits. Keeping this up over the last year and a half was hard. There were many nights (like tonight) where T.S. didn’t want to do a booklet... and after a long day I didn’t want to mark the booklet and work with him through corrections; but we did it anyways.

Fast-forward to today (after a year and a half in the program) and T.S. has just finished grade 5 with 8 As, 1 B and is now entering middle school. I feel that this program contributed to him being able to accomplish this. We have agreed that this summer he can exit out of the program, however if his grades drop in middle school, back in he goes. Sharing this for others who may have a child who is struggling. This program helped us.

*name shortened for privacy

-T.S.'s mother (July 2019)

Todd's Story - Reading Program Completer (By grade 7!!)

"I took on the reading program to help me with understanding the basics of grammar and with thinking critically. In high school, one has to read Shakespeare or Nineteen Eighty-Four or Pride and Prejudice, write an essay focusing on every little detail, and ask 'Why did the author put this here?'

"Kumon teaches you to ask this question which leads to understanding the purpose(s) of the words printed on the paper. The instructors help you understand a certain passage or question by asking what certain phrases mean. I am happy I have taken Kumon, as it has helped me think twice about the books I read."

Megan and Ian's Stories - "Our sincere thanks, Alice!"

Megan M.

"Having just started a brand new 2015 year, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the wonderful work that you do in helping our children and many others at Kumon Coquitlam.  

When our 9-year old daughter Megan first started Kumon about a year and a half ago, she was really struggling with Math and her school grades were barely meeting expectation. Despite the assurances that everything was okay from her teachers at the time, my wife Marjory was especially concerned for Megan. She intuitively knew that she needed help. So we came to you and Kumon and we are so thankful that we did!  Now having been at Kumon for about a year and a half, we are thrilled with the results. Megan has really blossomed while at Kumon. She now really enjoys her Math, and her confidence and self-esteem is at an all-time high. We were all especially thrilled for her when she received an "A" in Math in her last school report. Alice, she was positively beaming when she gave that report card to us!  

In contrast, there's our 11 year-old son Ian who has always loved Math. He sees patterns in numbers and Math comes quite naturally to him. Consequently, he has always excelled in Math at school. Never-the-less, he has been asking us if he could go to Kumon and do extra math for quite some time.  As you know, we agreed to sign Ian up at Kumon this past fall and we are very glad that we did. Although he enjoys math and has always done exceptionally well at school, he has always struggled somewhat with exactness, attention to detail and focus. Since joining Kumon, we have noticed that these abilities have noticeably improved, which has helped him in Math and many other subjects at school.  Ian's intention is to be doing advanced Math as soon as possible, probably well in advance of when he would ordinarily be doing the same work at school. Kumon will certainly offer him this opportunity and, with your help, it's a realistic goal for him. The added benefit will be that Ian's ability to concentrate and focus will continue to improve which will undoubtedly have many benefits in all of his school work and many other aspects of his life.

Alice, thank you so much for everything that you and your kind and capable staff do at Kumon Coquitlam. You are making a positive difference for our children and many others in our community, for which we are all most grateful."

-John (Ian and Megan's father)

Jonathan C's Story - Reading Program Completer

Jonathan Chung - Reading Completion 2013

Jonathan started studying in the Reading program in Grade 4 and successfully finished the program by Grade 9!

“Jonathan Chung, 11, has been with Kumon for approximately 4 years. He credits his advancement in his studies to his love for Kumon. The systematic and organized structure of the Kumon program suits his learning style and has made him more confident and self-reliant in school. 

He enjoys the Kumon Reward Program, which acts as a motivational tool, inspiring him to do his best in the Kumon Math and Reading Programs, as well as in his school work.  Kumon has developed his ability to do his Math effectively in school and to make significant progress in his comprehension skills.”

-Jonathan’s mom (2010)

“Never give up on your goals of achieving the next level of Kumon. Your persistence will be rewarded. It may seem to occupy your play-time, but the rewards you reap supersede the satisfaction you get from the Nintendo Wii.”

-Jonathan (2013)

Sam's Story - Math Program Completer

Sam W. Math Completion 2017

"When I was four years old, my friend introduced me to the Kumon Math Program for the first time. I had big dreams, wanting to finish the program at some point in my teen years. Though my friend quit after two years, I continued on; and by the time I was in first grade, I was able to divide numbers and do fractions without any difficulties. When I was in grade five, I hit a rough patch after successfully completing level K. Being as young as I was, I wasn't sure whether or not quadratics made sense to me. As a result, I struggled when the concept of Calculus was introduced to me. Despite all these challenges, I managed to get halfway through level L until my centre back in Thailand closed down a couple of months later.

I came to Canada in grade 10 as an international student. One day in my Pre-Calculus 10 class, I decided it was time I returned to Kumon to finish off my goal of completing the Math Program. After gathering all the information I needed, I reached out to Alice. After taking the placement test, I realized I lacked accuracy with my algebra. Thus, I was placed at the end of level G to strengthen my accuracy. I was able to complete levels G, H, I, and J within my first month of restarting, as I had the foundation knowledge I previously obtained when I was in Thailand. 

I successfully completed the program two years later in April. Needless to say, it was one of my biggest achievements. As a firm believer of finishing what I started, completing the program gave me the confidence to progress further in my endeavors, whether academic or personal. Kumon assisted me in strengthening my fundamental skills, resulting in my retaining top math marks in school. Furthermore, I was able to integrate the values and studying skills I learned from Kumon, perseverance, diligence, and responsibility, into my studies, thus contributing to my success in other subject areas as well.

Obviously, there were obstacles along the way. Though being optimistic and persevering helped in the beginning, the real help and encouragement came from Alice. She kept me focused on my goal and hence, helped me reflect on my journey in the Kumon Math Program. With that being said, I would like to express a big thankyou to Alice for believing in me from the moment I walked in, and not giving upon me during my struggles!"

-Sam-Pakorn Wipatavit

January 2018

"The engineering program at the University of Toronto is definitely one of the most challenging of all offered in Canada. I take 6 courses a semester and each of them are so diverse in terms of content and the difficulty level is relatively extreme.

For example, I had to take a course about Structural Engineering: designing bridges with different materials and observing each material's characteristics. It was for sure the most interesting course I have taken so far. I got to learn about concrete properties and regulations from a lecturer who actually wrote the concrete code! All the other classes had their own flairs but the course I mentioned definitely tops the list.

Now, to Calculus. I was lucky to have had a strong foundation in mathematics from both high school and Kumon. The speed in which the course moved was three times faster than high school, and a lot of friends who did not have as strong of a background struggled with new concepts and even old ones given the speed. I was able to obtain a 94% mark in my first semester Calculus course and I could not appreciate enough the amount of preparation and exposure Kumon has given me.

Moving forward, the Winter Semester will not be easy, as the majority of the content I will be exposed to will be new, unlike last semester where the material was mainly from high school. None the less, I am very excited to see how the knowledge I learned from Kumon will help me this semester one way or another."

Thoughts From a Parent

"I've been in the full service brokerage industry for over 13 years and I still have yet to understand let alone master math... For me it is a matter of lacking confidence to tackle certain projects and or courses I'd like to take.  

I think, knowing math (especially the basics) provides a solid core and a methodology to thinking and problem solving.  I tend to avoid any mental calculations and purely rely on my  calculator.  In a world that moves quick, where one must place a stock buy or sell in multiples this can be a challenge and mental math would help this task. 

To think I graduated grade 12 math with honours but fully utilizing the calculator.  It obviously has not served me well.  In the end...math is good!"

Kumon Parent (2015)

Shirromi's Story - Math Program Completer


After 10 years of commitment and hard work in Kumon, Shirromi successfully completed the math program by Grade 12 and received a $300 Math program completion scholarship.

When asked about her opinion of Kumon, she says, “Mastering math concepts requires repetitive practice which is part of the Kumon method; it’s easy to see yourself turn into a proficient math student this way.  It reinforces my skills and speeds up my ability to calculate and recall things such as the multiplication tables, etc.  Kumon assesses my specific needs, and I get to learn at my own pace, whereas in school if you’re confused, it’s difficult to catch up. Kumon benefits all levels of ability. In my opinion the Kumon Method ensures that I reach my own individual potential.  Furthermore, Kumon gave me study and work skills that resulted in me being an all-around better academic student.”

“I am able to achieve high marks in mathematics quite easily. Because the Kumon method emphasizes accuracy and speed, I have developed the habits required to finish my math homework from school quickly, knowing that I was efficient.  Already having confidence that I will get high marks, I barely study for math tests anymore. Additionally, I got to skip a grade of math in high school which enables me to finish the math curriculum faster and have space in my schedule to do a course such as AP Calculus or a science course, which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I didn’t accelerate in math.  It’s going to help me big time in university no matter what course or field I choose to go into.  Math always finds a way into everything!”

Her source of motivation stems from comparing her marks in Math prior to doing Kumon versus after doing Kumon. “You can’t help but admit that it’s truly helping you become a stronger student. Also, there is such a sense of accomplishment when I am able to help a friend understand Math better than their own teacher can. Kumon lets me live up to my potential,” says Shirromi.

Lastly, when asked if she has any advice for other Kumon students, she says encouragingly, “It may be annoying to put in time each and every day to finish those Kumon booklets, especially when you have so much going on in your life. However, I think about the pride I feel when I understand and do well on a concept in Kumon. By prioritizing your Kumon studies, it’ll only do you wonders and save you more time in the future. I’m sure we would all rather spend 30 mins a day finishing a Kumon booklet and confidently learning something new over spending over an hour per night confused over 30 textbook questions assigned from school.  The longer you stick with Kumon the greater the benefits will be.” 

Odessa's Story

"I just wanted to say thank you, Alice, for your encouraging efforts to help me succeed with my work here at Kumon and in school. I have learned so much in this year and a half of classes. Kumon has taught me the basics of math and more. I am glad it helped a lot in school. I rarely use a calculator now, and I am a lot quicker in solving problems/questions and being able to find the answer in a short amount of time.

Thank you to all of the tutors that have helped me with my work when I didn't understand how to solve a question. All of the work that I have done over the past year and a half will be very helpful for me in the years to come.

Thank you, I am so happy that I am apart of the Kumon family."

-Odessa R. (2016)

Kevin's Story - Student Spotlight, 2011 Instructors Conference & Reading Program Completer

Grade 5 Reading student, spotlighted in the 2011 Kumon Instructors Conference

“Kevin is a conscientious, hard-working student who exceeded expectations both in workload and the ability to learn with minimal repetition. By communicating his views and wishes to me in a respectful, mature manner, he co-planned his study plan, allowing him to reach 3 years above grade level in just 1.5 years! I can't wait to award him for program completion hopefully in just another 1.5 years!”

-Alice Yuan, Instructor

“Since joining Kumon, Kevin has shown tremendous improvement in his reading and writing abilities. Along with improving his grades at school, Kevin has developed good work habits. He has become more self-motivated, and has also learned how to work more efficiently within a time restraint." 

-Bin Fang (Kevin's father)


"I have just graduated from grade 5. I have been attending Kumon for 1 and a half years and now I am currently in level H. I am here to talk about what Kumon means to me. Kumon has really improved my grammar and vocabulary skills, which has been a big help at school. I find Kumon kind of hard sometimes, but it is also very enjoyable. Because of Kumon, I can now get my work finished without spending too much time trying to figure out what I have to do for an assignment. Also, my language arts mark has gotten higher since I took Kumon.


My goals in Kumon are to finish my worksheets quickly and accurately. I also want to try to make it to level I by the end of the summer.


In all, I am very glad to have taken Kumon. It has been very fun and challenging. I hope to be able to finish the reading program in Kumon half way through grade 7, and to become more confident in my reading and writing skills."

-Kevin at the 2011 Instructors Conference


Update: August 2016

Kevin finished the Kumon Reading Program in2012. 

He has completed the T.A.L.O.N.S. (The Academy of Learning for Outstanding, Notable Students)Program at Gleneagle Secondary School. He will be going into grade 11 in September. The T.A.L.O.N.S. program emphasizes the importance of students taking initiative towards their own learning and allows them to complete various challenging and collaborative projects according to their own interest and ability. Kevin credits the discipline developed during his time at Kumon to his success and enjoyable experience in the T.A.L.O.N.S. program. 

He plans on challenging his learning further in the next few years by taking Advanced Placement Courses to prepare him for University. 

Tymmond and Tiffany's Story (by Mom Erica)


Tymmond is a shy little boy. I brought him to participate in social programs like music & movement and reading groups at local libraries since he was two. He had been attending two years of Montessori preschool. His Montessori teachers had suggested ways to improve his reading skills, but he was still unable speak in a full sentence on his preschool graduation day. At the age of 5, I realized that Tymmond was still having receptive and expressive language problems. I had been recommended to bring Tymmond to visit a speech pathologist by other parents. However, I chose the Kumon Reading and Math programs for Tymmond last summer as a stepping stone towards his first year of elementary school life. Tymmond has since had a fulfilled year in his kindergarten. His school academic reading has improved greatly since he's been enrolled in the Kumon Reading program. He's on advanced level reading in his class right now and finishes his math worksheets very quickly – almost at the speed of light. The improvement of expressing himself clearly over the year has been helpful and successful in his school and social life. Now, Tymmond is trying to reach his one-year advance honor roll in both Kumon Reading and Math.

Tiffany is wrapping up her Gr.4 school year. She was placed in combined Gr.1/2 class when she was in Gr.2. In her Gr.2 year, her reading level assessed by her school was Gr.4. However, she was also placed in the ESL program because her writing was poor and very unclear. This writing problem carried over through her Gr.3 school year and then she started to have so much trouble with her Gr.3 Math. Then last summer, I enrolled Tiffany in Kumon's Reading and Math programs. She has since done well in her Gr.4 school life and her written sentences are more expressive and clear. She was so proud to show off her big "B" in her last story writing assignment. 

Last March, Tiffany achieved a certificate regarding her math skills in a recognition assembly from school:
"In recognition of supersonic math skills.
Tiffany has worked at light speed through our multiplication unit, demonstrating both speed and accuracy. Her next challenge: to be faster than her teacher.
Terrific Tiffany!"

The achievement has encouraged Tiffany to continue her passion to learn. I greatly appreciate the help from Kumon's staff and I credit the Kumon programs with supporting and improving my children's learning skills.

In November 2012, Tiffany said that she was selected for a math contest & special program at school because she was doing well in math, and she attributed it to Kumon!

-Erica, mother of Tymmond and Tiffany, 2012

Photo shows Tymmond hard at work during the wind storm of 2015, finishing his Kumon even when the power is out! :)

Spelling? No Problem!

tymmond and randy

"There was a school-wide spelling bee contest at Tymmond's school just before spring break. We would like to let you know that both Randy and Tymmond were 2 of 3 finalists from Grade 5 at their school to compete at a special spelling bee assembly. Randy won 2nd and Tymmond won 3rd for their grade respectively. 

It was a nail-biting game and all finalists fought hard to try to be the school champion.

We would like to share our joys with you and your staff, and thank your Kumon staff for their continued support to the boys for their outstanding achievements!!" 

-Erica (Tymmond's Mom)


"Randy won this award because Kumon helped him a lot."

-Helen (Randy's Mom)

Liam and Schuyler's Stories

"I never got a chance to tell you how pleased we are with Kumon. It's been very good for Liam. 

When we started a year ago, Liam's math had dropped to a C+ after the first term of Grade 7. Half a term later, his math went up to a B, and at the end of Grade 7, he got an A. He has maintained the A for the first term of Grade 8, even though he's not at grade level yet for Kumon. 

So it's been very positive. I know Schuyler is doing well in Math at school. Everything is pretty easy for him. His teacher gives the class speed tests in math and he finishes them within a minute. That's why I was so sure about putting them into reading as well. 

Hence a very Big Thank You to you and your staff!"

-Juliana, Liam and Schuyler's mother (Feb 2015)

Sherilyn's Story - Reading Program Completer

Sherilyn's award at BC Short Track

In 2010, Sherilyn Chung was an active fourth grader at Hope Lutheran Christian School, who loved doing Kumon and sports like speedskating, skiing, swimming and running. She found passion in tackling challenges she faced in her higher-level Kumon Reading Program, Level I.  

Since enrolling in Kumon of Coquitlam-Austin Heights Centre four years earlier, Sherilyn made significant progress in both Math and Reading in school and in Kumon. Her achievement of gaining 2nd place in Western Canada for Kumon Reading was the motivation behind all her achievements. She was constantly ahead in her school work and would sometimes be called upon by her teacher to help her classmates in their work.

In September 2011, at the beginning of grade 5, Sherilyn finished the Reading program! She is to date, the youngest in this centre's history to finish the Reading program!

“Kumon has given her confidence in her studies and among her peers.  With the confidence and self-discipline she gained from Kumon, Sherilyn excels in her school work and has lots of time to focus on her passions- reading, speed skating and music. Her Kumon goal for 2011 would be to finish Level I and get the Kumon Black Pouch.”

-Sherilyn’s mom (2010)

"Face each challenge in Kumon with a positive thought.  Look ahead, not behind.  Practice makes perfect. Do your best in everything and 'Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.' (Colossians 3:23-24)"

-Sherilyn (2011)

"Kumon has helped me in so many ways! Before I was in Kumon, I always got B's and maybe one A. After I joined, everything at school suddenly became easier. My Mom and Dad really saw improvement in less than a year! Over the next couple years, Kumon got harder, a bit at a time, but the Instructor helped me to understand the concepts. Kumon has perks, too. You get Cosmic Club* points, which help you to earn your way towards prizes such as real iPod touches! Every time you go to the centre, you also get stickers - for small prizes that come every once in a while. The Cosmic Club* points really encouraged me to work harder because I was working towards a goal.

At school, I used to ask the teacher for help. Now, people are asking me for help because Kumon helped me breeze through my homework. Kumon is a necessity for me now and I hope everyone who's curious about it will try Kumon out and see how helpful it is."

-Sherilyn (2013)

*Cosmic Club has been discontinued and replaced by a new rewards program, Kumon Plus (

Since school became easier for Sherilyn, she has had more time to focus on her extracurricular activities. In March 2014, she won the silver medal for speed skating at BC Short Track, and made it into Team BC to compete in the national competition. At the 2016 BC Winter Games, she came in first place with five gold medals! Then, in 2017, she was the only speed skater from BC to compete at the Canadian junior short track championships in Quebec! She was even cast to play an Olympic speed skater in an Intel commercial airing in China. Way to go, Sherilyn!

Tomoko's Story - Math Program Completer

Tomoko started Kumon Math in Grade 5, in the basic operations, and finished the program just 7 years later! (In 2011)

Tomoko challenged herself to a school math test without a calculator (when her teacher said to use one) and, to her teacher's amazement, received 100% ! Here's the story in her own words: 

"My class was preparing for a test that was the next day and my teacher had reminded us that we needed a calculator. I asked him if it was really necessary because the work we had done in class seemed really easy and not something that I have had trouble with before. He told me that I better still bring a calculator because no one had gotten 100%without one before. I asked if I could try the test without because I wanted to challenge myself. Surprised but willing to give me a chance to prove myself, my teacher made a bet with me. If I were to get 100% on the test using no calculator, then I would get an extra 50% added to the test mark (therefore scoring 150%!!). 

The next day I did the test, which turned out to be quite easy with my abilities to do the math either in my head or quickly on paper. I got the test back the next day and it said 150%. My teacher told me that he had never had to do that before and that perhaps next year, they would not use calculators. 

With what I have learned in Kumon, I have been able to surpass the expectations that the school has for students. Since I don't have as much difficulty in math anymore, I am able to spend my time working for other classes like sciences or English. I have been able to make changes in my own perception and ability to learn as well and the way the teachers see the students' abilities to do the work on their own and not with help."

During the course of her studies in Kumon Math, Tomoko also swam competitively and worked as a Senior Math Assistant Instructor at this Kumon Centre!

Raul's Story - It's Never Too Late

Raul P

"I started Kumon as a result of my poor math grades from my previous years of high school. Going into senior year, I was nervous about my grades and what I would do after I graduated. When I first began Kumon, I was skeptical of the impact it would have on me as I was much older than most of the kids. Being told by Alice that it was too late for me was the truth, as I was nearing my graduation. However, I decided to instead take it as a challenge and prove that I could improve my abilities in math.

The toughest part was starting from the bottom, rebuilding my fundamentals in mathematics from the basics. Seeing multiplication and fractions made me feel as if I was a kid in elementary school again. However, this has paid off immensely even in high school, since courses like calculus did not allow the use of a calculator, but still required extensive calculations of fractions. I would even have my own classmates asking me how to add fractions!

Kumon has helped me fix my habits by providing a neat study plan and requiring me to stay on top of my own work. The fundamentals I learned in the brief period of 10 months were applicable to my high school studies and will continue to be helpful for me even in my university-level math and physics courses. I credit Kumon with reshaping my thinking towards mathematics and making me appreciate all of the aspects, something which I did not comprehend nor value during secondary school. My aspirations are to graduate with a Bachelor of Applied Science, and I would not have been able to continue down this path had it not been for Kumon.

I would recommend Kumon to everyone, no matter their age. It is important to not be afraid of whether it is too late, but rather to motivate themselves in pursuing a great path, even in the short time they have left." 

-Raul Pinzon (2017)

"Raul is one of the most persistent students that I’ve ever encountered in my 18 years of instructing. Truly, it was his own determination that lead him to this never-been-done achievement! It was true that I told him that it was too late for Kumon to help him with his math. He wanted to learn algebra and calculus but needed to strengthen his basic math first. He only had ten months to relearn and master all of multiplication, division, fractions and algebra, a total of about eight grades worth of skills and he wouldn’t even touch calculus! I felt very bad about telling him this “truth”, but his determination touched me and I let him try after telling him what was required, that it would be very tough, about an hour’s worth of work each day without fail. And he did it! Sure, he didn’t get to do any calculus in Kumon before he had to go away to college, but the strengthening of his basics allowed him to learn calculus at school at the same time.

Raul taught me that it’s never too late. The only question is whether one is willing to put in the effort. I believe that Raul will succeed in whatever he sets his mind to in college and beyond. I am truly honoured to have had the opportunity to guide Raul in these short ten months and give him the boost that he needed. Raul studied from September 2016 to July 2017."

-Alice Yuan, Instructor

Nick's Story - Testimonial

"Nick was getting extra help in a special math class, but is now back to regular class for math since January – this is huge considering Nick was diagnosed with a learning disability.

I feel the routine of Kumon with kids like Nick is really important, the routine and repetition is just what they need.  I’m surprised more schools don’t refer children to this program or adopt a similar program for children that struggle."

-Shelly, Nick's mother (March 2012)

Shaila's Story

Shaila S

Shaila S.
Grade 5

"...the program has done wonders for Shaila who was at a C and counting on her fingers this past October [2016]. She got an A in Math this last term [March 2017] and is consistently the most accurate and fastest at mad minutes in her class now."

May 18th, 2017

-Shoby (Shaila's mom)

Google Reviews

More Reviews can be found on Google.

My daughters had been at Austin Heights Kumon Center for more than 3 years now. I do not know where to begin, express and share my gratitude to Alice and the entire Kumon staff. Their genuine care for my children's learning had been my formidable companion. If ever you are feeling lost and alone in empowering your children's education, try consulting Kumon center. You will never be alone again!

-Jennifer P. (2021)

We used to live in Schoolhouse St. in Coquitlam. Kumon Coquitlam with Alice is where my daughter goes to Kumon. For 7 years we went to Kumon Coquitlam with Alice, then we sold our place in Coquitlam and moved to Richmond. I pulled out my daughter from Kumon Coquitlam because of the distance and travel time. For about 2 months, my daughter was enrolled in one of the Kumons in Richmond. Unfortunately it didn't go well. The level of care, organization, and professionalism of Kumon Coquitlam with Alice was really at a different level. My daughter noticed the difference. Would you believe we went back to Alice even though the travel time was about 40mins? This place is a treasure and the team running it! Keep up the good work! Now my youngest son is now enrolled with Kumon Coquitlam with Alice.

-Choco (2021)

Austin Heights Kumon Centre deserves a 5 star rating. Alice and her instructors truly go out of their way to help students understand their lessons. The friendliness of Alice and her staff makes both students and their parents feel at home. With that confidence, both our kids not only look forward to their Kumon lessons, but they can also focus on their lessons with enthusiasm. They know how to keep our kids interested in their work and that helped both our kids to complete the Kumon English program. The Kumon Centre is well organized too. Keep it up Alice and Team!

-Andy (2019)

Kumon on Austin has been great for my Son's math development! He has grown so much and gained so much confidence in his math abilities! I recommend Kumon to parents that kids are struggling with either Math or Reading! -Thank you Kumon!

-Toni (2021)

Our daughter has attended this location for two years and the reading program helped her develop her reading skills. Kumon has been invaluable in developing her foundation for reading which is the basis for all learning. Alice and her staff go out of their way to make students and parents feel supported and valued. I highly recommend Alice and her team and thank them for their dedication, hard work and making learning fun.

-Alisha (2019)