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Center Updates

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We're Back

On Friday May 8th, St Louis County Executive Director, Sam Page, announced many businesses were allowed to reopen on May 18th. Our Kumon of Creve Coeur Center reopened on Wednesday May 20th.  

Some families returned as soon as we reopen, others families will continue to pickup and drop off assignments, and for a couple of families we are mailing them worksheets per their preference.  We respect each families decision on when they wish to return  If you do decide to return to our Kumon Center please do let me know your expected visit time on both Wednesday and Saturday.  We also ask students and families that enter the Kumon Center to be wearing a mask or face covering. We will have hand sanitizers by all doors and several tables and will encourage them to use them before and after visiting the Center

Enhanced Precautionary Measures for COVID-19

1 Cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces- All frequently touched surfaces a Kumon students touches will be wiped down with Clorox Wipes. Clorox Wipes are advertised to kill 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses (including Corona Virus).  As a second layer of disinfection we are utilizing a UVC wand.  UVC light (specific type of Ultraviolet UV light) is used to disinfect many hospital rooms and airplanes. UVC light has been demonstration to disrupt the virus or bacteria DNA and RNA and prevent it from multiplying and spreading.

2 Temperature checks- All staff and students (and parents) entering our Kumon Center will have their temperature checked with a no-contact thermometer. Any staff member with a temperature reading of more than 37.5 Celsius will not be allowed to complete their assignment at the Kumon Center. Any staff member with the same reading will not be allowed to work.

3 Hand Sanitization- Bottles of Hand sanitizers can be found on many student tables as well as placed on many walls.  When students enter our Kumon Center we encouraged them to use Hand Sanitizer.  Hand Sanitizer contain 60-70% Alcohol and when used correctly has been demonstrated to inactivate bacteria and viruses.  We also have 70% Alcohol spray bottles which we use for extra cleaning when needed.

4 Face Mask/Face Covering-  All Kumon staff wear face masks.  Students are encouraged to wear face masks or face covering when entering the Kumon Center. We may have a few early learning students who are unable to keep a face mask on and those students will be working behind a plexiglass sneeze guard barrier

5 Social Distancing-  All students, unless they are siblings, will be required to sit at least 6 feet from another adjacent student.  Some Kumon tables are marked with an "X" to prevent students from sitting there.  Kumon staff may ask students to move if they sit at a table too close to an adjacent student. The parent waiting area now only has 3 chairs so parents may need to wait outside or in their cars.

6 Scheduling-  We will aim to limit our Kumon Center to no more than 10 students at any given time. We hope our expanded hours on Wednesday from 1:30 to 7:30 PM and Saturday from 9 to 2 PM will assist in that effort. We are asking all parents to schedule a regular visit time so we can be aware of the total number of students expected during a Class day to prevent any possibility overcrowding (10 or more students).

Here is a Kumon video link that mentions some of the above procedures

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