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About theInstructor


Mrs. J. Moon is a trained and certified professional instructor. Mrs. Moon guides your children through their work providing direction, support and encouragement. She creates an at-home study plan in addition to monitoring classroom assignments. She also monitors students' progress weekly and gives students necessary feedback to ensure their smooth progress.

Mrs. Moon has designed individualized progress goal graph charts to help students keep track of their own progress on a weekly basis. She encourages students to have open communication with her in discussing their progress and goals. Students work together with Mrs. Moon in planning their Kumon lessons.  

Biography and Background

As a first-generation American, Mrs. Moon understands that strong foundational academic skills and a powerful growth mindset are the keys to success. When she first came to the US from South Korea as a child, she struggled with the intricate demands of a new culture and an unfamiliar language; she recalls spending many of her earliest nights here painstakingly translating homework prompts into Korean just to try and grasp what her teachers wanted her to do. By the time she graduated from high school though, Mrs. Moon had transformed herself into an honors student and a national merit scholar. What's more, at the bottom of all of those nights of hard work, she had found a dream: to help others build the proficiencies and determination that had so profoundly improved her own life. Mrs. Moon went on to earn her BA from the University of Michigan and completed her graduate training in Adolescent Mathematics Education at Hunter College in New York.

In 2000, after spending a few years teaching in the local school system, she opened the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Croton-on-the-Hudson out of the simple belief that the Kumon system offers the best, most efficient path to building the skills and mindset that she had spent the better part of her early life developing. Kumon not only strengthens students' competencies in math, reading, and writing, it provides graduated challenges that cultivate self-motivation, resiliency, and confidence - the tools that help young people become lifelong achievers.  Since opening Kumon of Croton-on-the-Hudson, Mrs. Moon has helped thousands expand their skills and strengthen their resolve.  She and the whole Kumon of Croton-on-the-Hudson team are excited to help your child set ambitious learning goals, achieve them, and surpass them.