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About the Instructor


Kumon Downers Grove - Downtown Center

My name is Risa and I have been the Director and Instructor of Kumon of Downers Grove-Downtown Center since September 2022.  I am very passionate about the Kumon Method and a strong believer that every child can reach their maximum potential through daily practice and self-learning.

By discovering the potential of each individual and developing their ability to the maximum, Kumon aims to foster sound, capable people and thus contribute to the global community. -- This is Kumon's corporate mission statement and I am very proud of our mission. 

With 10 years at Kumon, I have seen so many long-term students cultivate strong academic skills, independence, and mental strength. At Kumon, we believe that the most beneficial thing we can do for children is to furnish them with the ability to advance to high school level material through self-learning as early as possible in life. With the Kumon Method, students study independently from an early age and develop both a high level of academic skills and the ability to learn independently, or what we at Kumon refer to as "Self-Learning" ability. As a result, after children who have done Kumon grow up and enter the workforce, they are able to think of solutions by themselves even when faced with difficult challenges. All in all, the skills that students gain through doing Kumon go a long way towards helping them achieve their goals and dreams. I strongly believe our Kumon Downers Grove Downtown Team can support your child to cultivate strong skills from the Kumon Method through intentional instruction and specific praise. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to request a center tour!

Biography and Background

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Risa originally came from Japan and graduated with Bachelor's Degree in Education and Sociology. Before opening the Downers Grove Center, she worked as a Kumon Field Consultant for over 10 years and has also operated other Company-Owned Centers in Illinois and Missouri. Consulting 50 Kumon Centers in the Mid-West Region helped her observe community students gaining self-confidence from the Kumon Program and growing as strong self-learners. She really enjoyed working with Kumon Instructors, but now she is enjoying developing her own students, motivating parents, and building a center team in Downers Grove- Downtown! Please click here to request the orientation, free placement test, and center tour.