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Center Resources


pdf Tuition Authorization Form
This form must be completed upon enrolling in Kumon to ensure safe and successful tuition payments.
pdf Kumon Enrollment Link
This document contains a link to our eEnrollment Page where you will be able to enroll your child for our center.
pdf Media Release Form
Parents are asked to please fill out the attached Media Release Form upon enrolling their child in Kumon. This form either gives permission to or restricts permission from our center to use photographs, videos, testimonials, etc. of your child on our online platforms.
pdf Enrollment Notice to Parents
The attached form includes further information about the Kumon Method, tuition, and liability.
pdf Kumon of East Hanover Center Policies
Center policies for parents to read and sign.


pdf Guide to Early Learner Levels
This guide gives a brief overview of each of the Early Learner levels, including guidance on what to do and what not to do when working with an Early Learner.
pdf Kumon at Home - Best Practices
This is a parent's guide for how to properly implement a Kumon Routine at home.
pdf Kumon at Home for Early Learners
This document details Early Learner specific tips for your Kumon at Home routine.
pdf Kumon Recommended Reading List
This document includes a reading list of books best suited for your child based on his or her Kumon level.
pdf Program Overview - Math
The attached table includes brief descriptions and examples of what is learned at each Kumon Math Level.
pdf Program Overview - Reading
The attached table includes brief descriptions and examples of what is learned at each Kumon Reading Level.
pdf Advancing Beyond Grade Level
So your child has reached their Kumon grade level - now what? Should you continue to have your child enrolled? We think so! The attached article gives some insightful information on why you might want to stick around.
pdf Developing a Growth Mindset
The Growth Mindset is an important tool for encouraging your child throughout his or her education. Read this article to learn more!
pdf Phonic Tool
Students Enrolled in Kumon can access the Phonic Tool that will help them with their Reading Skills. Please reach out to Miss Hema if you have any questions regarding the tool.