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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Thank you Miss Hema!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank for all that you and your team does! 

My 8.5 year old is now in the highest reading and math group and his teacher has noted the improvement since September. After six months he has had such improvement. He was unmotivated and lost his love of learning. 

The shocking news, I think is with our older son, 11 years old. 

We received his schools standardized test scores this week (they test students quarterly) and he has moved up significantly from starting your program. I had brought in the NJSLA when he was assessed with a 208 Fall 2020 for reading (25% growth) which was unlike him. 

Nothing else has changed and he has fought the program every day, every step of the way. If he is not an example for Kumon, I do not know who would be. He scored in the 99% for growth in reading and language usage!!! (Reading went from 208 to 235 Language usage 203 to 219 fall 2020 to winter 2021) He would not be there without your team. 

Thank you so much.

Kylie's Kumon Journey

This is my daughter’s 5th years with Kumon. Back in 2016, we first started with the Kumon in my hometown however we quit within 3 months, we just didn’t like the way the system works in that particular Kumon where my hometown. Then I found out from my church friend there is one with an excellent reputation in East Hanover, so we have a try. I then realized lot of parents and students are from my town also commute to come for this location. I always see familiar faces parents from my town while I was waiting for my daughter session, just at least 5 of my daughter’s classmate goes to this Kumon at one point. After we started going to this East Hanover location we never stopped, it has been another 4.5 year now. 

We really like how this Kumon run because very organized, clean, structural and well staffed. My daughter gets sufficient attention and help in there. However a big problem with my daughter is she doesn’t like to ask for help and not initiating any question. My daughter is on Special Ed program in school due to learning disability but because her own primary school was reducing lot of her help so We decided to seek for Kumon on our own back in 2016. 

The director Ms. Hema is phenomenal, she is dedicated and devoted to run the program efficiently, she makes sure every student will get sufficient attention and help. She is on top of my daughter’s progression. She provides excellent communications with parents with emails and texts. She is also on top of each student assessment tests. She responses all my texts and email right away and make me feel I’m important. She respect every single text and emails, we do appreciated so much as a parent. We also really like her showing hard work and serious attitude to her work and profession to the kids during the sessions. 

I think it is worth the money since this is the most staff I have ever seen in a Kumon, so the students get sufficient help and attention. With this pandemic time, I think Ms. Hema did a wonderful job handling this situation , she is very informative with options about in person and virtually in order to run the program smoothly and safely. 

As a parent we do appreciate her well organized work and be very considerate with parents concerns and needs. We know we did the right move since 2016, my daughter Math and reading skills has been improving significantly since we started with Ms. Hema. Even my daughter has some kind of learning disability and now she is in middle school, I found her accuracy and speed with math helps her a lot in school. I’m very proud of her this Fall 2020 second marking so far she has “A” on both ELA and Math. Lastly I’m very happy with the outcome I get from Kumon. Good luck to you.

Ramani Family

Choosing Kumon of East Hanover for my kids is one of the best decisions I have made. Ms. Hema, the lead instructor, is so dedicated to her students. She knows each child personally and monitors their progress closely. I have experienced tremendous growth in academics for both of my children. My older one is much more confident in math and has recently ended with an A for the quarter and all the credit goes to Ms. Hema for that. My younger one has also had much success at this center. She is learning how to read and is now reading everything in sight with excitement! Overall, I really recommend this center to anyone who is looking— not only is the program amazing, but the instructor is so knowledgeable and professional!

Chuang Family Experience

I’ve had a great experience with Kumon. Over the last 7 years, three of my children have been enrolled at the East Hanover center. I really like the director, Ms. Hema, and the way she is committed to her students’ personal growth. Her hard work has become even more apparent since remote learning began 3 months ago. It’s definitely not easy creating a schedule, attending all the sessions, and making sure things are running smoothly for everyone. 

My four year old currently has one-on-one reading lessons twice a week. His teacher, Ms. Disharee, is very pleasant and extremely patient. Once she spent nearly an hour reading 5 simple pages with my son. More and more I see him sounding out words the same way his teacher has taught him. 

It’s wonderful to see the enthusiasm Ms. Hema and her staff have for teaching. I definitely recommend this center to parents interested in early learning for their children.

Lakshmi's Journey


Initially math was not my favorite subject, however after taking Kumon classes math has become my favorite subject. I like to solve math equations that are challenging.

After attending Kumon classes I started to like math a lot better. Kumon Math has made it easier for me to do my school work.

Reading- before Kumon Reading I was not good at reading, I needed a lot of help. Kumon has helped me to understand and sound the words better. Kumon Reading has helped me to become a fluent reader.

Amisha's Success


Kumon stood to its motto in Amisha’s case. It really makes smart kids smarter. We joined Kumon as our girl was sharp so needed challenge. Ms. Hema does an amazing job of keeping kids disciplined and motivated to do their best. Amisha learnt from a very small age to do quality work, being focused and all in an assigned time. Sitting at one place to do the work was the first step. Accuracy with speed is what made her excel in other area too. She learnt to finish her task in time and focus on one thing at a time. She is doing best academically as well as in other areas. She is at the highest level of reading in her class and is a confident young girl ready to accept challenges. Kumon taught her best values, i.e. focus, accuracy, speed and all these boost her confidence.

Hansh's Achievement


“We identified his interest in reading at the age of 3 when he used to wander around me to give him challenges in spellings and also read him story books. He slowly started reading short story books by the age of 4 by himself in his preschool to his friends in the class.

We enrolled him in Kumon at the age of 4 to encourage his interest in reading and and also take it to the next level. We added him in math later as we saw his progress in reading. Kumon helped him build his focus and time management capabilities. It also built his competitive spirit which made him willing to take challenges.

Hansh is engaged in lots of activities like Taekwondo, Swimming, Soccer and Boy Scouts to keep his energy and high spirits focused in the right way. However he enjoys Taekwondo because he says it helps him to learn self defense and discipline. He says Kumon gives him that discipline and smart thinking that he can apply while he is engaged in all other activities and excel in everything he does.”

Vedaa's Goals


Vedaa is currently a seventh grader. From a very young age she was a social butterfly who had a love for books. She has also been a dancer for eight years. She is extremely interested in math and science, and she has dreams of becoming a pediatrician in future.

She started Kumon when she was in Kindergarten, but then took a break from second to fifth grade. The break was a mistake, and she wishes she could have avoided it. But when she did eventually in fifth grade restart, Kumon has helped Vedaa a lot with her studies. She can now do math with much less difficulty, and much quicker. Her full potential was unlocked when she started her journey at Kumon.

“Going to Kumon has really helped me with my studies. I can learn what I’m going to learn in school in advance, so I am more prepared for the unit,” Vedaa says. Kumon has truly helped and continues to help Vedaa, and she will continue her journey to hopefully fulfilling her dreams of becoming a pediatrician.

Ruhaan's Growth


At the age of 3, Ruhaan did not like to hold a pencil, crayon, or marker. At the time, his preschool teacher wanted me to work with him to help develop his motor skills. We decided to enroll him in Kumon. Today, almost 5 years later, Ruhaan is a different kid. He is confident because he is ahead of his class. He has developed a great work ethic and a sense of discipline. He definitely has a strong foundation because of Kumon.

Kumon keeps pushing the limits and challenges Ruhaan on a daily basis. We are extremely proud of how far Ruhaan has come.

Anjali - Life Long Learning

Anjali started attending Kumon at the age of 4, and by the time she was ready to enter Kindergarten, her reading skills were already developed and she was reading books to her younger brother. As the year progressed, Anjali was already doing simple addition without using a number line or fingers. She grasped key math concepts with Kumon’s help, and mid-year through Kindergarten was getting 100% on all of her math exams. From a very young age, Anjali had the drive to learn and with the help of Kumon she was able to accelerate the potential within her.

Kumon teaches children patience, responsibility, and perseverance. On Sundays, Anjali attends an academy of Indian philosophy and culture. Every morning at Sunday school, children have to sit on the floor quietly, cross-legged, and in proper posture. On her first day home from Sunday school, we asked her how her morning prayer went, and she replied “Easy, just like I wait my turn in Kumon.” We were quite shocked at her answer, but this was our first moment as parents realizing how Kumon was beginning to influence her personal life. At age 5, Anjali completes her packets daily without persuasion, and instinctively sharpen her pencils before getting into the car to go to Kumon. Success in the Kumon Program also builds confidence and drives motivation in children’s minds. Working on packets independently everyday, she has developed the skill to self-learn. Recently, she insisted on learning Spanish, and is now doing Rosetta Stone Homeschooling. She is capable of sitting, focusing, and understanding material independently.

Although she may not realize this at such a young age, the discipline Kumon instills her will last her a lifetime ahead.

Aarushi likes Math Challenges!


Spirited and fun loving Aarushi started Kumon when she was 7. Now, almost 11, Kumon is as much a part of her life as spending time with friends, playing soccer, snap-chatting, reading lots of books, and playing the piano. Currently she is doing Kumon 7th grade math. Kumon teaches her the value of perseverance and passion for long term goals. Also, knowing advance level math has helped her develop confidence,a trait which will help her in future endeavors.

In her own words "I like doing more advanced math at Kumon. Some of it is tricky but I like challenges and enjoy doing these problems. Besides, Mrs. Hema always helps if I’m stuck with something. Right now, I am on Level G, about to advance to Level H. And, I’m excited to see what this new level is. Before Kumon, I just did regular school work. Now, I know other math skills that are handy at school!”