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About the Instructor


Hello! I am Anslea Steele, the owner and instructor at Kumon Math and Reading Center of Edmond - North, a center that has been serving the northeast part of Edmond since May of 2008.  As a Kumon Instructor, I have the privilege of working with the children of our community and their dedicated families.  No two students are alike! Therefore, our students, their parents, and I work together to devise and implement academic plans that are comfortable and individualized.

I love watching our kids develop discipline, perseverance, and confidence as they are introduced to the world of self-paced, independent learning.  It is highly rewarding to watch Kumon students as they move from the beginning phase of review to the enrichment phase of advanced studies.  I am so proud of our students and their families.  I look forward to welcoming you to our Center!

Biography and Background

Awards Ceremony

Prior to opening a Kumon Center in 2008, our Instructor, Anslea Steele, served as an educator for eight years at Sequoyah Middle School, a Blue Ribbon School in the Edmond Public School District.  Many years before that, she was a high school valedictorian and a collegiate student-athlete All-American.  Ms. Anslea's life has been spent striving for discipline and excellence, a passion that she instills in her Kumon students.

As a Kumon Instructor, Ms. Anslea believes that it is important to develop well-rounded, competitive students that thrive in all aspects of their lives.  At Kumon of Edmond - North, it is common to observe students studying math and reading while wearing soccer jerseys, dance leotards, and baseball cleats.  As a part of their after-school routine, these confident students are learning to make time for the daily practice of their academic studies as well as for their favorite hobbies and past-times.  With their students, Ms. Anslea and her staff set goals and celebrate daily victories, both in the classroom and beyond.

Training and Certification

In addition to her State of Oklahoma teaching certificate, Instructor Anslea Steele has been intensively trained in the Kumon Method.  She has traveled to Japan, where the Kumon Method originated almost 60 years ago, to attend educational conferences and training sessions.  Ms. Anslea participates in Kumon study groups, monthly instructor meetings, and annual conferences in an effort to provide quality instruction to her students.