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About the Instructor


Hello, and welcome to Kumon Math and Reading Center of Eldersburg. My name is Fawad Shaikh. I was first introduced to Kumon when I enrolled my daughter in the program years ago. The speed at which I witnessed my daughter advance, coupled with the long-term study skills that allowed her to study far beyond grade level, motivated me to open a center of my own. As a registered pharmacist, I always gave individualized care for my customers, and now that individualized care will continue as I hope to instill the same love for learning that Kumon provided my daughter.

Kumon’s systematic approach of getting a student to their grade level and then going above and beyond grade level and trying to reach for the stars made me fall in love with the program. I also love the concept of instilling the ability to self-learn, which makes students become self-reliant and gain confidence to learn new materials at their own pace.”

Biography and Background

Fawad Shaikh, Center Director

In addition to working as a registered pharmacist since 2003, I have also taught at private vocational schools and at my local community college for over a decade. My background in education and experience working with others made me a great candidate to open a Kumon Center of my own. In 2019, I received extensive training from Kumon North America (KNA) and obtained my certification as a Kumon Instructor.