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About the Instructor


Amy Cho is a Certified Kumon Instructor with a strong understanding of the Kumon Method of Learning.  With her guidance and encouragement, students maintain their sense of confidence in their daily studies.  She continues to be inspired by every student's progress in the program and enjoys seeing students fully engaged in their learning journeys.

Biography and Background

Amy Cho, Instructor

Amy Cho, Director of Instruction

"There should never be 'good enough';
there must always be 'something better'."

- Toru Kumon, Founder

This quote has fueled Amy's passion for helping students succeed in the Kumon Program. Through ongoing collaboration with other Kumon Instructors, analysis of student performance and deep knowledge of the Kumon Method of Learning, Amy remains committed to improving her own instruction for the benefit of all students at the Kumon Center of Elgin - West.

Amy has been a Certified Kumon Instructor since 2007. She began her Kumon career as an employee of the corporation, traveling to various Chicagoland Centers as an Area Development Manager and offering operational support and guidance to other Kumon Instructors. She ultimately decided her passion was to help students succeed in the program and decided to forego the traveling and dedicate herself to one community. The Kumon Center of South Elgin thus opened in March 2007. In 2018, our Center relocated from South Elgin to its new home in Elgin.

Although she took a less conventional route to become a Kumon Instructor, Amy’s past experiences have proven invaluable in establishing a strong Center and she has been thrilled to see so many students from Elgin, South Elgin, St. Charles, Burlington, Gilberts, Pingree Grove and the Central Fox Valley Region benefit from the Kumon Program through the years.

Alise White, Administrative Director

Ever since Alise was young, she wanted to teach children. She started babysitting at a young age, studied child development courses in high school, and began working at our Kumon Center in 2008. While in college, she continued working with students in Kumon at a center close to the campus. With her Bachelor's degree in History from Illinois State University, she has now returned to the Center where her own Kumon journey began and works as the Administrative Manager, assisting Amy in the day-to-day operations of the Center as well as assisting students in their own learning journeys at the Center. She loves seeing students succeed in the program and helping to ensure even more can do the same.

Training and Certification

In addition to becoming a Certified Kumon Instructor, Amy has completed coursework towards a Master's in Education Administration from Loyola University Chicago and holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.  She continues to maintain all professional development requirements of the Kumon franchise and has received multiple accolades from Kumon North America through the years. Amy has also been an invited speaker on instructional topics presented at the International Association of Kumon Franchisees conferences and webinars.