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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Selam Ambaw- Valedictorian of Hunterdon Central Regional High School's Class of 2021

I started Kumon at age four, and continued on with the Reading program until 2015, when I completed the program at the age of 12. And despite periodic battles with my mom to finish my packets, I can say now that my time spent as a Kumon student was incredibly helpful. As my fellow classmates had to think about how to go about properly writing responses, I, having already formed those habits, could instead devote even more focus on the content of the writing and reading. I was and am still able to take more away from the material before me because I am not bogged down in trying to figure out the technicalities of grammar. My experience with Kumon goes beyond that as a student as well. For the past four years, I have worked as a Kumon assistant. Over the course of high school, this role as a teaching assistant has provided me with opportunities to practice people and organization skills, both being critical to my future academic and professional careers. Beyond the invaluable work experience though, a major takeaway was the opportunity for reflection the job provided me. Being able to perceive and take part in Kumon from a different angle, through a more mature lens, is what truly has allowed me to appreciate what I have been able to get out of this program. And of course many, many thanks to Mrs. Lee for the role she has played in my journey up until this point and preparation for the world beyond it.

Atmika's Success Story

"I spent a majority of my nine years at Kumon as a student, then worked as a teaching assistant all throughout my high school years. I'll be honest and admit that as a fifth grader I never enjoyed the thought of doing extra homework, when all I wanted to do after school was go to the playground. However, looking back I now have a great sense of appreciation for the values Kumon instilled in me, as they go way beyond anything that can be learned from a book. 

I am now a senior in college, about to graduate with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, heading off to be a software engineer at Google. Throughout my college career I've faced the greatest academic challenges I've ever encountered, and I truly believe that my experiences at Kumon gave me the skills I needed to find success during those times. For example, attempting new math concepts on my own at Kumon gave me the confidence to grasp challenging calculus topics while adjusting to the rigor of college courses. Solving Kumon problems daily after school enabled me to form good study habits even years later when I was living independently for the first time. Being taught to correct my long division errors rather than ignoring them has helped me realize the importance of learning from my mistakes in order to grow as a person. Even now, years after handing in my last math packet, I still use all the problem solving and life skills I learned at Kumon. Mrs. Lee taught me the value of consistency, dependability, trustworthiness and the importance of a good work ethic and I am forever grateful for her encouragement and support throughout the years!"

Alicia- Valedictorian of Hunterdon Central Regional High School's Class of 2012

Eighteen-year-old Alicia, a Kumon Reading Program Completer, earned the admirable title of class valedictorian this past June.  Alicia credits this success, along with her full-scholarship to Rutgers University, to the work skills instilled in her through the Kumon Method.

“I was able to develop a sense of self-discipline, a good work ethic, perseverance, and time management, all of which helped me balance my heavy school workload and my several extracurricular activities,” explains Alicia.

Alicia’s mom and Kumon Instructor, Shuh-Mei, agrees with the benefits her daughter gained through this experience.

“The work skills gained from Kumon helped her achieve a nearly perfect SAT and ACT score without taking any preparatory class,” she concludes.

Outside of school, Alicia worked as a Kumon Assistant at her mom’s center, where she gained even more confidence.

“I was extraordinarily introverted, but with Kumon I became confident and began to break out of my shell. Making new friends was a huge triumph for me,” Alicia said.

Alicia plays the piano, violin and drums. In high school, she competed in Tae Kwon Do and was involved in the Environmental Club, Math Honor Society, Latin Honor Society and a marching indoor percussion ensemble.

As Alicia begins to study biomedical engineering in college, combining her love for math and science, she aims to pursue her dream of attending medical school in the future. Alicia’s drive and optimism will help make this dream a reality.

Joy's Success Story

Joy enrolled in Kumon of Flemington when she was in second grade. She started the Math Program by building her basic addition facts, to long division and fractions, and now is working on algebra. She is very excited to be able to take all honors classes next year as she enters high school. She, and her mom, recently recorded a radio commercial to talk about her Kumon success story.

When asked what impact Kumon has had upon Joy, this is what Joy and her mother had to say:
“Because of Kumon, I am getting straight A’s and it helps me with all my subjects. I feel very prepared for my freshman year because Kumon has given me the confidence to do well.”

”This program has really helped her get a solid foundation and helped her excel and do very well at school. I would definitely recommend Kumon to other parents because it gives your child discipline, and an extremely strong foundations, and it helps them gain confidence. We are very proud of Joy and the progress she has made over the years at Kumon.”

Nikita's Success Story

Nikita joined Kumon when she was 4 years old. From the start Kumon has been an energizer for her academic accomplishments. The way the Kumon curriculum has structured my daughter has built confidence, which has led to a sense of perfectionism with her.

The Reading Program has increased her vocabulary to a great extent. She can find the right words to use during her verbal as well as written conversation.

The Math Program has given a solid foundation of basic and advanced skills.

Today Nikita is above her grade level at school. As parents we attribute her success to Kumon.

Thank you Kumon for providing such a wonderful foundation in Math and Reading!!!!!

Outside of Kumon and School, Nikita enjoys playing violin and loves swimming. She aspires to be a doctor.

We highly recommend this program to kids of any grade.