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About the Instructor


I'm Bincy Sines, the Director and primary instructor at the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Grand Rapids - North. Alongside overseeing the center, I fulfill the role of a mother to two exceptional daughters—one currently pursuing law school and the other completed her Psychology degree one year ahead of schedule.

My dedication to the Kumon Method originates from personal experience. Observing my eldest daughter encounter challenges with reading during her first-grade year sparked my determination to find a solution. Recognizing the potential of Kumon, I made the decision to enroll her, despite initial concerns about her falling behind. Witnessing her swift progress, transitioning into a confident reader and emerging writer, instilled in me a profound belief in the program's efficacy.

Motivated by her early success, I made the pivotal choice to leave my professional career behind and establish this center, driven by a fervent desire to support more children in their academic journeys. Both of my daughters have achieved remarkable academic milestones thanks to the invaluable support of Kumon. Moreover, I've had the privilege and honor of witnessing numerous students under my guidance realize their full potential through the Kumon program.

Like all Kumon Instructors, I have a true passion for education and an earnest desire to help children succeed. Please don't hesitate to call me at 616.363.2880 if you have any questions.

Biography and Background

Bincy Sines

19 years of teaching experience

Owner, Kumon Math & Reading Center

Grand Rapids North (Knapps Corner)

616 363 2880

Training and Certification

Certified in Kumon Math and Reading