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About the Instructor


Hello!  My name is Renee Sonnenberg, instructor for the Kumon Math & Reading Centre of Grande Prairie. We help make school easier for kids.

As a Kumon instructor, I will guide your student through their work while providing direction, support and encouragement.  I create each student's study plan and monitor their progress to ensure mastery.  This in turn leads to gained confidence and self-reliance. 

As a former high school math teacher, I am familiar with the skills that students need to be able to be successful in academic courses.

Chief assistants Les (former junior high teacher) and Kira (University Graduate) ensure that students feel valued and are well supported.

Biography and Background

Instructor Renee Sonnenberg

I have lived in Grande Prairie for over 25 years, moving here to teach high school right out of University.  I have been the Kumon instructor for over 7 years.

My favorite part of being a Kumon instructor is seeing how a student's confidence grows.  Starting where a student is comfortable and ensuring mastery at each step is the best way to ensure smooth advancement.  I plan each students' program carefully and make sure their individuality is taken into consideration.  

Our staff all have a love of learning and enjoy helping kids succeed.

Training and Certification

I am a graduate of the University of Alberta and hold a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education degree. My Kumon instructor training began in 2014 and I continue to learn about how to best leverage the worksheets and guide student learning.  

I am also a high performance curling coach and continue to learn how to get the best of athletes.  Many of these skills are transferrable to our Kumon students.

Influencing and inspiring others is what I strive to do.