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About the Instructor


Ms. Jacy Chen is a certified Kumon Instructor trained in the latest advancements of the Kumon Method. She holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from the University of Oklahoma. She is a strong believer in the Kumon philosophy. She enjoys working with children and helps them improve their proficiency in math and reading, develop good study habits which benefit them in all of their school subjects. 

Ms. Jacy's passion for the Kumon Method results from her family's experience. After enrolling her two children in Kumon and seeing the program’s success first-hand, Ms. Jacy decided to open a Kumon Center at Astoria in 2008. During her thirteen years as an instructor, she nurtured over thirty program completers. She sees the value in growing with students and working with every child’s individual needs to enrich their learning experiences. Due to the Center’s success and the proximity to her own residence, Ms. Jacy decided to open the Greenwich Village’s Kumon Center to help more students get the benefits of the program.

Biography and Background


1988: National Taiwan Normal University, Major in Secondary Education, Minor in Mathematics 1992: Oklahoma City University, Masters in Secondary Education
1995: University of Oklahoma, Ph.D. in Instructional Leadership and Curriculum Development

1988-1990: Ri Nan Middle School in Taiwan, Mathematics Teacher
1990-1991: Cheng Gong Middle School in Taiwan, Mathematics Teacher
1995-2008: 66 Communications Inc, Creative Director
2008-2021: Kumon of Astoria, Certified Instructor
2021-Present: Kumon of Greenwich Village E 8th St, Certified Instructor