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About the Instructor


My name is Haixia Li, an extensively trained and certified professional instructor. I serve as not only a mentor who guides your children through their work but also providing direction, support and encouragement.  

To develop students' Learning Attitude, Time Awareness, Proper Study Approach, Goal Awareness and Correction Ability, I create an at-home study plan in addition to monitoring classroom assignments, and I emphasize the importance of accurately completing each assignment within a designated time frame. This has helped many of my students increase self-confidence, thus becoming more self-reliant.  I have a true passion for education and an earnest desire to help children succeed.

Biography and Background

I have a Master's degree in Business Administration from University of Sheffield (U.K) and a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

My story with Kumon started in 2010 - my children were in pre-school and I was looking for a learning center to help them be prepared for kindergarten. This is when I came across a Kumon Center and their method and philosophy, so I enrolled my children. One day, I was surprised to find my 3-year-old daughter reading a book fluently. As we all know knowledge is power and the best gift one can give another is the Gift of Education. After being a Kumon parent for three years, I decided to become a Kumon Instructor to not only help my own children, but yours, too. 

I, along with my trained staff are committed to working closely with each student and his or her family to create the best study plan - whether the need is for remedial help or for advanced study.