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Success  Stories


Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Josie’s Story


Josie is 10-years-old, studying three years above her grade level in the Kumon Program. In fact, she’s studying the same math material that her mom, who is an eighth grade teacher, teaches her students. Imagine that, a 10-year-old transforming equations, working with linear functions and simplifying monomials and polynomials. She’s well on her way to advanced algebraic expressions and she isn’t even in middle school yet.

One of the things that Josie likes most about Kumon is the fact that she’s studying above her grade level.

“Kumon gives me confidence because I know how strong of a student it has made me,” says Josie. “I know that I can do and learn anything if I do the work and practice daily. Kumon has taught me about the importance of focusing and to not be afraid of challenges, but to enjoy them and work through them because I know I can overcome anything.”

Josie embodies everything that Toru Kumon had in mind when he founded the Kumon Method. He felt that students would experience the true benefits of the Kumon Method if they acquired the study habits necessary for self-learning and advanced study.

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Erin scored a 99 in Math Computation on the ITBS

Ms. Kim,

My husband and I believe that Erin is getting so much better in her Math skills and we’re hoping she’ll continue and complete the program. We just got her ITBS score. She got 99 in her Math Computation. We’re ecstatic. In Erin’s words, she credits it to Kumon.

Another success story you can add in your book.

Thanks again.
Mrs. E.

So proud of Alexa's progress

I am very proud of how well Alexa is doing! Please know although you did not hear from me, I’m always talking with Alexa about how things are going. She also is doing amazing in math at school! Kumon has most definitely played a big role in her success. I have seen major improvements in her skills and confidence. Thank you Kim!!

 ~ Tina - Kumon Parent

This Program is Life Changing

This program is nothing less than exceptional. My son made impressive progress in study habits and attained grade level. I highly recommend this location.

Alexandria ~ Kumon Parent

John's Story

John came to Kumon as a struggling reader.  He has never been interested in reading and it was becoming an issue at school as well. After 4 months in the program we came home one evening, and as I started to make dinner I noticed John picked up a book sat on the couch and started reading.  He has never willingly picked up a book in his life. I am so pleased with his progress, and his newfound self-esteem.  Thanks Kim.

Leslie ~ Kumon Parent

Erin says:

After all the worksheets I did all summer, in the first week of school in Math class our teacher put a problem on the board, and as the students were reaching for their pencils and paper, I raised my hand. I already had the answer. It was an awesome feeling having the other students look at me because they thought I was the smart one.

Erin ~ Kumon Student

"You are the smart one Erin!"

Ms. Kim ~ Proud Instructor

Award Ceremony 2017

Thank you so much for the award ceremony. It was awesome and I think celebrating education puts our kids' focus in the right direction. Your efforts at the Kumon center are amazing and we really appreciate all you do.

Coty ~ Kumon Parent

Monica's Proud Mom Moment

I enrolled my son at Kumon because I could tell spelling was getting more difficult for him. Not only did he improve in spelling, but he improved in reading as well. He read over 11 Sunshine State Books this year and made it to the Semi-Finals test for Battle of the Books. Kumon not only improved his grades, but also his confidence. Proud Mom Moment.

Thank You! It's working

I just wanted to say thank you for you enthusiasm and communication the past several months.  I have seen a definite improvement in his math skills!


So Proud of My Daughter!

I just wanted you to know that Izzy was tested in I-ready math, and she tested at the 6th grade level.  They are pulling her out of intensive math!  I am so proud of her and thankful to you for catching her up. She may just give a shoulder shrug when asked about the test, but I know how important this success is to her. Thanks!


Brook's Big News

Ms. Kim Guess what? (a student conversation)

"My teacher said I am doing much better in math!" said Brook
"Wow! How does that make you feel Brook?" asked Ms. Kim
"It makes me feel good!" said Brook
"Awesome!  Your hard work is paying off. Good Job Brook!"

Sincere Thanks from Loc

Katleya wanted to give you a big hug for all you have been teaching her.  We would like to thank you very much for what you and your team have done. It has made a big difference in Katleya's success in school.

Thanks for the update!

Ms. Kim,
Thank you for the update. We are very happy with our daughter's attitude at home too. There are no complaints and she does her homework all on her own. She also says she likes her classes very much.


Thankful to Kumon

Since Arjun joined Kumon a little over a year ago, he has made strides in both math and language. He is comfortable reading chapter books and writing journals about his experiences and I cannot tell you how grateful we are for that to Kumon.


So Thankful

Ms. Kim

Thank you for the encouragement you give Vivek. The awards ceremony was very beautiful and Vivek came home beaming and determined to keep working for better. Thank you so much.


What a difference this program has made.

Dear Kim,

I want to thank you for helping Kailei improve in her studies these past few months. We greatly appreciate your time and efforts. Her new found self-confidence is wonderful to see.


Thank you Ms. Kim

Hi Ms. Kim,

I can't say enough about this program. The boys are making improvements on so many levels. The daily practice translates to better grades in school. I have noticed great gains by both students. I appreciate all you do for them.


Escape Room Success!

Hi Kim,
Gabby took part in an "Escape Room" event at school where they had to complete math problems to escape from the room. Gabby was able to calculate and solve the problems without paper, and at a speed that impressed her classmates as well as her teacher. Gabby said it was Kumon that gave her the skills to do this.

Thank you!

Phenomenal Progress!

Hi Mrs. Kim,

Thank you so much for the update! I am so proud of Max. His progress within Kumon has been phenomenal.

Thank you again,


Kumon has done wonders for my student!

Hi Kim,
Thanks so much for the update. I am looking forward to her passing her grade level.  Kumon has done wonders for her so far.


More math please!

Dear Kim,
I just wanted to share with you what happened with Jace this week. He started basic addition in Kumon and for the first time he asked to complete 2 math assignments instead of two reading. He was excited to be working on more advanced math and seemed to be disappointed that he didn’t have more math assignments to complete!

Kind regards,

Gabby has straight A's!

Kim, thanks so much for the feedback! We are so excited to see her moving along! She has had straight A’s so far!


Can’t THANK YOU enough!!

Dear Kim,
I have seen such growth and amazing development in Jonah's reading.  Seriously, Can’t THANK YOU enough!!  You have done so much for me as a “I don’t know what to do” parent and for my struggling child.  I will continue to tell everyone about you and your program and the wonderful progress it brings. Jonah is now able to do any kind of classwork/homework that is given to him without help and the frustration. 


Best Investment Ever!

Hi Kim,
This is the best investment I have ever made.  My 5 year old is learning 3rd and 4th grade level work, and having fun doing it. 

Thanks for all you do!

Teacher bragging about my daughter!

Izabella's teacher was raving about her ability to discuss a book in depth in her class. She mentioned how insightful Izabella had been. She has come such a long way! Can't thank you enough.

P. C.

Just wanted to tell you,

Ms. Kim
We are super pleased with all that Andrew has achieved at Kumon. We believe he is beyond ready for first grade. We also believe you have helped to build a great foundation for his independence. Thank you so much!


Ms. Kim Did you know?

MB Said: "Ms. Kim, Did you know that when I started in Kumon I had an "F" in math?
Ms. Kim: "Yikes, I did not know that. What is your math grade now?"
MB: "I have an "A"!
Ms. Kim: "Excellent! See, your hard work has paid off. I am very proud of you."

We're family now!!!

Miss Kim and all the center's staff is caring and dedicated and so committed to my son's success.  I feel like they are a part of my family now!!! Thank you so much for making such a difference in my son's self esteem.

Ania Bronzino

Isabella's New Math Confidence

Ms. Kim

This semester has been very rewarding for Isabella. She has been more confident with her Math assignments at school. We appreciate how you and your staff have supported her along the way. 


Thank You!!!!

Good Evening Ms. Kim

I just wanted to write and thank you sooo much for tonight. Before we got there, Keaton said he was nervous and didn’t want to go. We told him if he wanted to leave we would.  This was the first academic awards he has EVER received and when he got that medal, I got so teary eyed. He even said when you started passing them out, “Do I get a necklace too?” and I told him we would see.  He was genuinely so excited for the award and I told him it is because you work hard and are a Rock Star!!

I appreciate all that you do and that your staff do.  Putting Keaton in Kumon was one of the best things we did because now his school is seeing his ability and potential, which we always knew that he had. I appreciate you greatly and thank you for tonight.


Wonderful & Supportive

Mrs. Kim
Thank you for the update on my students. I understand they are moving up levels, even during the work at home Zoom classrooms. My aim is for them to do quality work, so I will watch and see how much work they can complete without being overwhelmed. Thank you for being wonderful and supportive.


Soaring Confidence!

Thanks so much Ms.Kim! Kumon has definitely helped my son's confidence soar! Whitney

Lots of improvement during Coronavirus and Zoom!

Hello Ms. Kim

Noah has improved a lot during the last months learning with you.  I can't thank you enough. Other than moving to the online classroom, everything stayed the same. It was a nice bit of "normal" in our upside-down world. Thanks for all you do!



Thanks for the update Kim. I appreciate your support and help in Samikhsha's learning journey.  Especailly through the past few months of Covid19 changes.

Achievement awards for first quarter 2020

Achievement Awards are out for the first quarter of 2020!  Advanced Student Honor Roll (ASHR) recognizes students working above their school grade level. Where Bronze are for students working 6 months ahead of grade level, Silver for students working 1 year ahead, Gold for students working 2 years and Platinum for students working 3 or more years ahead of their grade level.  62% of my Math students are working above grade level, 40% of reading students are working above grade level.  Congratulations awesome Kumon students, I could not be more proud of you!

You did a great job!

Hi Kim,

I just wanted to tell you that both of my students have made huge improvements in their reading especially during the Covid19 shutdown. I know it is difficult for you to arrange online tests for everyone. You did a great job! 

Thanks and regards,


So pleased with Amy's success

Ms. Kim,
Amy is reading very well! She picked out a "Mickey Mouse - Read it Yourself" book yesterday and read through the first four stories without any help. Amy has enough math review pages for now but by next week, she will need to progress to additions for 8, 9, 10. We are so proud of how smoothly and easily she has learned with Kumon. Even during the covid19 Zoom classes.

By the way, Amy just celebrated her 5th birthday! Happy Birthday Amy!

So proud of my Students!

Achievement Awards are out for the first quarter of 2020! Advanced Student Honor Roll (ASHR) recognizes students working above their school grade level where Bronze are for students working 6 months ahead of grade level, Silver for students working 1 year ahead, Gold for students working 2 years and Platinum for students working 3 or more years ahead of their grade level. 62% of my Math students are working above grade level, 40% of Reading students are working above grade level. Congratulations awesome Kumon students, I could not be more proud of you!

Ellis was the fastest math-lete in class!

Ms. Kim, 

I wanted to share with you what Ellis told me today. They were playing a math game in school, where they had to calculate math facts. Ellis, as well as the rest of the class; noticed that he always had his hand up first. He was so proud of himself, and said it was the Kumon practice that made the difference! 



Good News for Luzia

Thank you Ms. Kim for the good news and for all the help and support that Kumon is providing to Luzia’s education. We especially want to thank the staff that provides her with tutoring. 

We are excited about Luzia’s academic progress and look forward to her next stage in learning! 



So very pleased with my students success!

Hi Ms. Kim,
I am so pleased with our daughters success in Kumon. We can see a big change in both of their Math skills. Yesterday, while at a home school event, the girls were playing a math game and my daughter could actually contribute to the game and her team for the first time since joining the group. She was so excited. It made her feel wonderful. 

Thank you Ms. Kim

Ms. Kim
It is so nice to hear you say Advaith is doing so well.  He was just tested in school for his reading, and we were wondering if the online school affected him and he tested on the 4th grade level. He was so proud of himself. He is glad he stuck with his Kumon! 

By the way, Advaith is in 2nd grade! Great job Advaith!!

Thanks Kim for the update!

Thank you so much for the update! Vanshika has come a long way and I appreciate the tailor-made work so that she feels more comfortable. She is definitely more confident and getting stronger with her math.

Thanks for your guidance and support!

Ms. Kim, 

That’s so good to know that Aarish is doing well. Thank you for all your guidance and support.

Regards, Kishwar.

Merry Christmas Ms. Kim

Thank you so much for your kind words and motivating her in right direction. Appreciate all your help and hard work you put in towards kids.

We all wish you a very safe and merry Christmas ��! 

Many Thanks Veda

"She had the biggest smile on her face yesterday"

Kim, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for you and the difference you are making in my daughters confidence and desire to learn. She was so excited about her reading test. She had the biggest smile on her face yesterday when she came out of the center. Thank you so much!!


Wow! Amazing News

Hi Ms. Kim
Wow! Thank you so much for the amazing news on test results :)  You made our weekend :)


I finished my exam way before anyone else!

Hansini said Ms. Kim, I finished my math exam before anyone else in class today. My friends were really impressed. 
Ms. Kim answered That is great Hansini, were you always the first one to finish?
Nooo, Hansini replied I used to be the last one to finish.
Ms. Kim asked What do you think made the difference?
Hansini said My Kumon made the difference!
Yes! Said Ms. Kim, that and your dedication made the difference Hansini. Good for you!! I could not be more proud. 

He did it. "J" by Sixth!!

Ms. Kim
Thank you so for all your guidance and for all your wishes for Parth. It was really a pleasure working with you and a big THANK YOU!

Level "J" in math is the final High School level of Algebra. Parth achieved this level while in the 6th grade.

You are stuck with us! =]

Dear Mrs. Kim,

I just wanted to Thank You and your Staff for all the time and help y’all are taking with Hadley. We APPRECIATE it more than you know. We can see a big difference in Hadley’s reading since she has been coming to Kumon. We are SO PROUD to see this. Thank You So Much! Love You Mrs. Kim! You are stuck with us!  ��

"Math is Fun!"

Hi Kim, 

That is awesome!!! Thank you so much for all that you do. He has actually been telling me recently that "math is fun" which is exactly what I was hoping for. I know that he can learn the math but I was afraid that he was already beginning to hate it and give up. I did not want him to develop a lifelong hatred for math. So thank you again for helping him learn to enjoy math again and for giving him the opportunity to succeed and feel accomplished in his efforts. 

-Teresa Reep

Thanks for the feedback!

Good afternoon Ms. Kim. 
Thank you so much for the feedback, Ava really enjoys going to Kumon and is helping her in class. Thank you and your staff for all you do! 

You, staff and Kumon Center ROCK!

Thank You Mrs. Kim. You're the Best! You and your staff and Kumon Center ROCK!

Vicky =)

Thank you for the update

Hi Ms. Kim, 

Thank you for the update. I’m impressed by and pleased with the speed of her leveling up. Thank you very much. 


Kumon 411 Success!

Hi Kim, 

I wanted to let you know that yesterday's session of Kumon 411 was very informative and helpful. Please let Savannah know that she did a great job on the presentation and the way she walked us through the entire Kumon process was incredible. I know now how to guide my kid in the right direction. Thanks for doing this. Have a great day!