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pdf Published Research about Kumon's effectiveness
Empirical research based on the application of the personalized Kumon Mathematics Method, carried out in the school year 2015–2016, in which 30,849 students and 230 teachers from several educational centers throughout Spain have participated.
pdf How Kumon Builds Confidence in Reading and Math
This brief and great article describes studies that prove why and how the Kumon Method builds confidence.
pdf Help Your Youngsters Shine in School
pdf How to Answer: When will I use this Math?
This article gives a starting point to answer the question many people ask in school: When will I use this? From Pixar Animator to Fashion Design; this article helps discuss relevance to potential dream jobs.
pdf How Kumon Helps with the SAT
pdf How To Help Advanced Students Maximize Potential
This brief article discusses how the Kumon program allows students to work at their own pace, while we build student confidence through accomplishment. This is how our program works so well for gifted students.
pdf How to Inspire Lifelong Learning as a Family
Here are a few great ways for a very busy family to work Kumon into their lifestyle and create a passion for lifelong learning within their children.
pdf Why Kumon Encourages Year-Long Learning
Breaks from school can stop student learning in the most influential times of their lives. This articles discusses research studies and shows why the Kumon program is beneficial year-round.
pdf Fostering Perseverance & Motivation in Your Child
Helpful ways to motivate your child at home