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Center Resources


pdf Phonics Charts with Audio Link
Letter Sounds, Double Consonant Sounds and Double Vowel Sounds with audio support to listen and repeat sounds for better pronunciation. Please print out the charts for your child (or display them on your computer screen) and have your child practice along to the audio as they point to each sound.
pdf Math Word Problems
Look for these key words when doing your math word problems!
pdf Reading Study Approach
Tips on how to approach answering reading problems.
pdf Parent Worksheet Tips
This guide shows detailed tips of each of the phonics and pre-addition levels plus video clips for each.
pdf Levels 7A - 3A YouTube Links
PDF link to early learner youtube links
pdf Math Facts
Practice your math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students can fold the sheet over to review without seeing the answers.
pdf PreSchool Activity Sheet
Developing fine motor skills gives every kid a boost.
pdf Elementary School Age Activity Sheet
Challenge yourself and have fun!
pdf Math Number Table
Practice counting numbers 1-120!
pdf Number Practice Sheet
This covers numbers 1-20—from 1-10 on the front, and 11-20 on the back. This sheets allows each number to be traced and written a total of three times
pdf Letter Practice Sheet
This includes uppercase print letters on the front, and lowercase print letters on the back. This sheet allows students to trace and write each letter a total of three times.
pdf Script Practice Sheet
This includes uppercase A-Z cursive letters on the front, and lowercase a-z cursive letters on the back. Students may use this sheet to practice tracing and writing each letter a total of three times as well.


pdf Math Table of Learning Materials
A detailed description of the topics covered at every step of the Kumon Math program.
pdf Reading Table of Learning Materials
A detailed description of the topics covered at every step of the Kumon Reading program.
pdf Parent Guide
An overview about how the Kumon Program can give your child an academic advantage in school and beyond.
pdf Kumon Routine
Instructions for student's on how to get the most out of their Kumon experience
pdf New Student FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions targeted to newly enrolled families.
pdf Instructions for Home Grading
Instructions for families who choose to check the worksheets at home
pdf Book Tracker
Our handy book trackers are a great way to get our students reading! Request one from our center and we'll add it to your child's next homework pick-up.
pdf Employment Application
Application for Employment at Kumon of Litchfield Park


pdf Kumon and Common Core
pdf SAT Prep - The Perfect Score Project
Kumon featured in The Perfect Score Project. Learn more at
pdf Why your math memory matters
pdf Benefit of Studying High School Math
pdf Reading Brain Rewiring
Excellent presentation of research supporting working as we do in Kumon
pdf Consistency vs. Intensity
pdf How to Make the Home(Work) For Your Child
pdf Learning Without Limits
pdf Tips To Help Eliminate Homework Hassles
Time tested and useful strategies for reducing homework hassles
pdf 4 Ways Kumon Helps Handwriting Skills
Our methods support preschooler stamina and endurance to write for longer and helps make learning fun!
pdf Motivating Children
Motivating Children by Developing a Growth Mindset